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Alright. Pieces of news today.

I went to work in the morning for 3 hours, then I went out for lunch and quick shopping with my old youth pastor Ken. My Gran and Geen were sitting at Fudds when we went, which was totally bizarre. After that to Dwight's parent's funeral, which I'll discuss my reaction to tomorrow. I went for supper with Gran and Geen (My Grandma and Aunt whose house I live in, for visitors' benefit) to Athena and had a lovely meal. Since it was my chance to be out with the car on an evening when stores are open, I visited Staples to pick up a Canon Pixma Vi4300 printer - the one that was rated #1 on Consumer Reports. I set it up and printed a tester page and it was beautiful! *sob* It's been so long since a printer worked around here, the sound of the printer was music to my ears. And it's my printer. None of my Mom's obsessive ink hoarding! MINE, ALL MINE! XD

Seriously? Nobody is entering in my Topic Raffle for the Blogathon? That's silly. Go and enter, all you creative types! It is merely $1! Or 7 for $5!

I just spent seriously 10 minutes making crazy sure I start the Blogathon at 7am. Sheesh. I'm getting up at 6:30 anyway.

My Blogathon Sponsors have pledged/donated $560 to the abolitionist cause as of this post. Are you going to get involved and make a pledge to help me meet my $1000 goal?
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