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In Memoriam

I found out that Saskatoon drama director Tibor Feheregyhazi has passed away recently. I'm very sorry he passed away before getting a chance to perform and direct in the new Persephone theatre. I remember meeting him, officially, for the first time at my first professional drama audition, though we'd met indirectly before this and I kind of knew what he was like. I remembered it vaguely, but then I read someone else talk about their experience with him - apparently it was something he did to others.  He yelled at me from across the room, "Who are you, and what do you want?" and after I recovered, I answered with my name and that I had an audition, he said, "No. Who are you, and what do you want?" And so I told him about myself, and that I wanted to be in the Arts. It was like... getting therapy? I will remember it as long as I live. It was one of few times when someone I didn't know truly listened to me and cared what I had to say. I wish I could have known him better. I also know his son from the Art program - he's the neat guy who did the hug exhibit - so hugs to him right now =)

What also makes me very happy is the fact that they are having a celebration, not a funeral! They want everyone to dress as if they were going out to the theater. I think I'll go.

He is on my list of people I would like to be more like. A list that I should post about sometime? Perhaps for the Blogathon.

Speaking of which, today is the Blogathon "Push" day.

Do me a favour - everyone on my friends list, link to my Campaign entry! I want to see your friends coming over and finding out about me! I'm coming over to comment on some of your journals for special requests. =)

Link here: - you can find some images to use to link to me if you go to that link.

Or, you can put in this small 8kb image banner (guaranteed not to break any friends pages)

with this code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>


Today someone came up and asked me to do a simple edit for them at work, and when I talked to them my voice was all squacky. (Yes, that's right, I made that word up.) She asked if I had a cold, but it's actually pretty simple. I talk so little on this job that my voice is as bad as if I'd just woken up. Oh well. It's interesting.

Welcome to anyone who is here because of the Blogathon, especially those of you from work and Living Hope. *waves*

I am slowly switching all my 43 Things/Places goals to specific, achievable ones. None of this "meet more online friends" because there's always more to meet! It'll be on the list forever! I want goals I can actually work towards. I think I'm nearly there.

I have booked another Driver's Exam for next Thursday. Marion and I are going to go on a work-related driving errand tomorrow. Marion is more excited about it than me, which is amusing.

Tonight I am going to the Saskatoon Opera. They're doing The Elixir of Love, which is probably going to be very good. I emailed Aaron to see if he'd be interested, seeing as we saw last year's opera together, but it looks like he's not online.
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