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Things of Note

Five Things of Note:

1. It is hot in here. Abominably hot. It's 2am and I am tired, but I don't think I can sleep in this heat. Sometimes I really wish we could just have air conditioning.
2. Evening lob laid me off by sending me a "record of employment" officially today, citing a shortage of work. *shrug* My evenings are now free. Until I can get them filled again. I want/need more money. Also, it's possible I can get called back to work for them at some point in the future. I just wish I could have worked a little bit more then.
3. Went to the Late Boomers concert. I have video and plans to upload it to YouTube while I roomclean tomorrow. It was good. Then we hit Dennys and our server was really nice to us. Kid obviously has a lot of patience and optimism...
4. I need to plan a worship set tomorrow and get ahold of the two lovely ladies I'm working with.
5. Tonight at the Olympia restaurant downtown where I went for supper my waitress was nice, and the food wasn't too bad, but there was water, like, we need a bucket kind of water, dripping out of a recessed light fixture. The kicker? They didn't turn the light off for over 5 minutes.
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