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Pool Party and Jazz

It's a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

Things have been kinda busy, in a slackery way. Last night I went to eat at Restaurant 224 for some good hole-in-the-wall Chinese food - Chicken stir fry with rice noodles and a side of vietnamese rolls. I can't help it, it's way too good, and the food's pretty healthy for me really. Also, tea. I've started drinking Chinese tea without sugar, just another small step on the road to weight loss, and frankly I like it that way anyway. Walking towards the movie theatre I found this awesome jewelry store named Frakas, where I caved and bought two good pairs of earrings to fill some holes in my collection, literally and figuratively. I needed small earrings, and versatile blue ones. Between the two pairs, one fit both categories, and the other was small and purple, so I am content. I had heard some mic testing nearby, and as I walked down the street I got my first taste of the Jazz Festival, watching a band named 3M2C on a free stage performing with a lovely latin feel. I stayed and watched, even videotaped a full song they did which I eventually plan to upload to YouTube. Granted, I was terribly biased, they told me before they started playing that it would be a Cha Cha.

I miss ballroom. I've not done any this summer. Just a few more months.

Anyway, so I stayed and listened through a full set of their lovely music, and since it was nearly 7pm and I had to hit the washroom, I hit Galaxy to see Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer. I liked it, and totally understand why other people didn't: it was sappy, it was silly, it was downright goofy. It was, after all, a comic book movie. Sheesh, people. After the movie I hopped a bus home.

Today I went for pizza with my family to Pizza Hut and then had DQ blizzards after - banana cream pie. Then I hit my friend Criston's place for a pool party and potluck BBQ and it was actually very awesome. I got to know some of the C&Cers from church a lot better. Also, total highlight of my day and reason for my swimming icon, I got to play full contact water basketball with three of the guys, two on two. It was AWESOME. Our team lost but had more fun, and for the first time since wrestling I was treated like one of the guys without being babied. I love that feeling, and I love waterfighting. One of my favourite things, and I'd love to do it again some time. I also swam some laps, all in all that leaves me feeling pretty drowsy now. Among other foods there was banana cream pie. I've had a very banana cream pie-laden day. I don't mind at all. One of those things about my life that's changed? I used to hate bananas and BCP. Now I love them both and bananas are a big part of my diet. Go figure? Also in the banana scheme of things, I saw the YouTube Banana Song... That guy is a good guitarist, and super funny, and I'm thinking of changing my main ringtone from the Mnah Mnah song to Bananaphone again. Variety is the spice of life. Tonight I also saw Rudy, a football movie. It was pretty cool, starring Sean Astin.

I am planning to apply for a co-ordinator type job for during the year (12 hours a week, full time next summer I think) that would be hell and pay well enough to prove that they know it. I have my reservations about doing the best job I can do in school, but if they offer it to me I'd be a fool to turn it down. Also, I'll need to invest probably three hours with the application process to the U of S. Ugh. The things I do on my Mom's advice to make money.

Random thought streams: I have been in a U2 mood lately. I still haven't cleaned my room and it's stifling me, I desperately want to get moving on learning to play piano decently with chording and simple music. I thank God for the fan in my room that I bought last year. It's been a hot week. I bought sunscreen today. I hope that I get called into work about the middle of next week - I want the hours and I feel rejuvenated, but I also want to experience a decent amount of the Jazz Festival?

I keep realizing that with all the references I've made in this post, there's at least 4 different icons I could be using. Crazy, huh? I went with swimming, though I have a Jazz icon, a Ballroom icon, and a movie icon. Heh. It's been an eventful two days. And I'm now exhausted. Adios, amigos.
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