newsong (newsong) wrote,

Blue Man Group

I kept telling people I was going to buy tickets for these awesome shows - good tickets, too. Well, I bit the bullet and bought myself a single ticket to Blue Man group. I am SO looking forward to it, and maybe I can write about it for the Sheaf?

Floor, baby. Row 15. I've heard that with Blue Man Group floor seats at the front can even get dirty, so it sounds awesome to me! I can't afford this stuff at $100 a pop but I've decided I don't care. Sometimes things you've always wanted to do are things you should do.

Now to get tickets for Andre Rieu, Dancing with the Stars (which I still want floor/front row seats for), and sooner rather than later since it's already started the run and I have friends in it, Suessical.

Let's get these shows on the budget. That way maybe someday I'll be in the habit of doing this, and I'll finally see Stomp and Cirque and Josh Groban...
Tags: #life, blue man group, tickets

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