newsong (newsong) wrote,

Re-reschedule and Sensationalism

Life isn't fair , but it's still good.

That was at the top of the list on my friend cargile24's post that I read as I got to work. I sighed. For the second time in a row, SGI had canceled my exam. I was understandably peeved. Then they called my Mom to give me an opening, and she told them I was on my way to work. *sigh*

I called them back to rebook, and of course they'd given that opening away... The lady I got on the phone apologized profusely - she sounded like a really nice lady, actually) and she asked for my cell number, which I gave them, and when I got to work I did a mini-vent to Marion, one of my favourite co-workers. Marion immediately popped up with an offer to lend her car to me to take the exam in. I was pleased. This may be pretty much the only time you see me with a macro, but I love this pic.

They called back about half an hour later to offer me a spot at 2pm, and Marion said she needed to go out on an errand this morning, so I could chauffeur.

So this morning like many mornings before, my good friend highrise meep'd at me on MSN and proceeded to tell an awesome tale. This time of TMI. Ash is my only friend who tells stories about herself on MSN in a patently awesome way - she starts out with a warning like she's going to be talking about Armageddon and basically gets permission to tell the story in the first place. Then she tells the story in a style that's basically like this:

"Okay so first of all...
and then,
but THEN...
It's so ____________ Twyla!"

Seriously, if there is a better way to tell a story via MSN, I don't know of one. This girl's got it down to a science. And I love it every time. If it's a funny story, I rofl. If it's a tmi story, I go O_O and if it's just really awesome, I'm like, AWESOME. And I look forward to getting the Daily Ash's Life Enquirer in my MSN box every morning. It's fantastic. Here's to you, Ash. Makin' me laugh on a semi-regular basis.

highrise: "Thanks for letting me spew crazy."
newsong: "No problem, I like your brand of crazy. Buy it all the time."

Good times. Also good times: A lady at work today asked if I'd been losing weight, because she's noticed. =) Operation Lose Weight This Summer is going strong folks. Going strong.

I'm going to post this now, because I'll probably have enough things to say about my test later.

If anyone has BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS for me, I've created a new community for myself called bookblogging. I was actually pretty shocked the name was still available. Go tell me what some of your favourite books are on the appropriate post =)
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