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The Day

Sucks that the Liberals won. Saskatchewan is VERY conservative. Like the prairies matter in the election. But the guy I voted for got in. Yay, Maurice! He's intelligent and cool. I like his style.

Well, uh... I was programming robots again today. Did I mention that I programmed a bot to act a bit like the roadrunner? It goes forward, stops, meeps, spins, and speeds away. It's a sweet program. Looks like my co-worker David isn't going to make a lot of effort to learn the programming. Thus, I shall be doing a lot of work to help kids in the camp. I also have to figure out how possible his challenges are... I'm not too sure about one of them already. But that's my job description. Fix the bots.

I'm tired, life is moving fast. Tomorrow we're moving to the Siast campus, so I'll be on the border-west side of town all the time. Right next to a Subway. *drool*

Planning to go see the German Jazz Orchestra Canada Day Evening. Probably be at the Jazz festival all day. Joel Paul, friend from Quizzing thinks he'll come for a little while CD...

Happy Canada Day to all you Liberals. Hopefully nothing happens in this whole term. Especially concerning higher tuition, gay marriage, pro-choice, and other Liberal idiocies.


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