newsong (newsong) wrote,

Shopping and whatnot

So many melodies
competing for the right to be my song
But your harmony is drowning out the melody
that's raging inside my head

Possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever written is "Time To Say Goodbye" and my favourite version of that is by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Just incredible beauty =) I've been surfing mp3_share for new music, and I've got some songs I stole from Ricki - unfortunately it looks like I may have stolen them in AAC format. *sigh* I should be able to record them from my speakers with Audacity, but I wish I didn't have to do that. They're worth the time spent I suppose.

My apologies of depriving you all of my posts, but everyone else's posting frequency seems to also be down, and I'm doing a lot of internet surfing. I rediscovered statements... I've been making icons and stocking up iconnery...  I've been wikisurfing, I've been shopping, IRL.

It's been a rather heavy week on cousins, as I found out that a cousin started her own esthetics business, and I met another cousin and her hubby in the mall yesterday - their little boy is amazingly cute and totally knows what to do when a camera is nearby. I got a couple awesome pics of little Ethan, both for me and for my Grandma.

In other news, there was this guy at Subway last night, he was all flustered that things were going badly that day and said you could only have good looks or brains, and he knew which one he'd been given. It was kinda funny and cute.

When last I posted I was having a rather bad day. Today is much better, both for the fact that I just got paid, and for the fact that I went clothes/MD shopping last night and now I get to go back with money, which is a good thing. I'm trying to do undercover Mother's Day shopping which is difficult in my family, and I've found at least one gift of three (Gran, Aunt, actual Mom...)

Yesterday I found the greatest empire waist black dress with polka dots, it's a classic and perfect for jazz dance, or ballroom when I'm in a whimsical mood. I put it on and instantly lost 40 pounds, and that's a definite plus with clothes. Also, I found out that I shouldn't turn down all the clothes that happen to be in the petite section of a store - petite capris are perfect knee length shorts on me. Learn something new all the time. Like that you can make a pretty long sentence entirely out of the word, "Buffalo."

I am looking forward to the weekend for a number of reasons. I am leading worship on Sunday and get to play my djembe again, which means I must needs practice some rhythms. Speaking of that word, it's one of the only words that I can almost NEVER spell right, along with occasionally, and tomorrow. Oddly, I just spelled both of those right just now, but it's probably because I was thinking about it. I still had to use Google to look up how to spell rhythm because no spell-checker gets it right ever.

Tonight I am treating myself to a good meal at whatever place strikes my fancy, I'm thinking Fuddruckers perhaps, then I'm going to McNally Robinson and Penningtons to pick up books and clothes, and I think it's going to be a good evening. It's also beautiful outside =)

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