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Brock (2 years younger than me, my sound guy for church): Ma'am, I need your help with something.
Me: Yeah, I'm coming. Wait... D..Did you just call me Ma'am?
Brock: *wary* Yep.
Me: I am going to kill you. Nobody's allowed to call me Ma'am until I'm 30.
Brock: *snort* Yes Ma'am.
Me: *fake strangles him*

Adventurers of a Worship Leader. =P

I'm not in the mood for LJing right now. Except I remember Ricki wanted me to post a quote from our coffee the other day.

Ricki: Guess what Twyla? *spooky hands* I don't exist!
Me: *eyeroll* If you don't exist, than none of the ConQuiztadors do.
Ricki: Okay, NONE of us exist.
Me: So that's why the tips at Boston Pizza are so low...

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