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I got rythym, I got music, but I'm still alone =)

Tonight I went to church, and after church the Neufeld's hosted a bunch of College & Career agers at their place for sloppy joes, juice, and games - including Four on the Couch and DDR. I played a few good games of DDR and it rocked.

My week is rapidly filling up with stuff to do. Break week, heh. Not really. I must find time to do laundry some time in this crazy mess. If I wasn't planning on having this be my last week of work, I'd take a half day off. Realistically, I should anyway. I guess I have a long weekend after this week where I can maybe get something done. I guess I'll leave it to then. I don't plan on getting tons of sleep this week, though. I got a lot the last few days.

That's all I've got to say about today... Except that I have to thank Shelley for that Chantal Kreviazuk song. I'm going to go listen to some more of her stuff.

DUDE. Switchfoot did a cover of Beyonce's Crazy in Love. All I can say is DUDE. I love it!!!

EDIT: Welcome to my Flist, the_idea_of_you, latelyimamazed, andirishmonkey_jr. Still looking for friends!

So: 20 Objects Quiz that was stolen from the_idea_of_you, and an intro to this game called WORDPLAY
20 Objects:
What better way to tell someone all about yourself, by giving them a box filled with a dozen things in it for them to look at/ read/ listen to/ taste you get the idea. What would you put in the box? (The original quiz said 20 maximum. But it said a dozen things! So there.)
  1. A burned CD with 21 songs that could have been written about me. Among these songs: Chopin's Nocturne in E minor, Evanescence - Imaginary, Switchfoot - Concrete Girl, Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want, Starfield - Captivate, Relient K - Getting Into You, etc.
  2. A small nutcracker. (I collect them.)
  3. A labelled DVD with clips of my favourite comedy - Panic Squad, Monty Python, Scrubs, Groundhog Day movie, Victor Borge, Hoops and YoYo etc.
  4. Ticket stub from Danceland stapled to a photo of the dance floor with dancers.
  5. An extremely colorful bit of my artwork
  6. A printed out blog entry that I think embodies my blog experience...
  7. Sticks and Strings, a book of poetry by my favourite poet, John V. Hicks.
  8. My favourite pair of red chandelier earrings.
  9. My student card. University is kind of my life, after all.
  10. A service I've planned as a worship leader.
  11. Dutch Blitz cards (Representative of both my Mennoniteness and gamerness)
  12. A list of names and photos of all the people I consider my friends...
WORDPLAY - See more information here. Quote from the original source:
To play, make your own "A is for...." post on your blog. It can be as short or as long as you'd like. Just think of all the A words that are special unto you and tell us why, succinctly or at great length. Photos are always nice if you've got extra time hanging around unused. Then a week or so later, give us your "B is for...." post, and so on, all the way to Z. Check out some of the participants posts and you'll catch on quick. It's not rocket surgery. It's all about play. And it's about words. And it's about YOUR personal relationship with them.

A is for art. My degree, something I am passionate about. A is also for air - something I breathe all the time and think about more since I started working at The Lung Association. A is for ache - something I am familiar with because I love to get moving and it's inevitable when you're a computer addict/worker that something will not be happy when you get moving. A is also for antics, the fun stuff I get to do with friends. A stands for asshats, the people who make my life miserable. Pardon my French. A is for Audio Adrenaline, one of my favourite bands that's breaking up now so they can live their lives.  A is for allTunes, a program I use to pay for MP3s... A is for anything - anything I want to post about. Anything at all.   
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