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You are my Strong Tower
Shelter over me,

Beautiful and mighty,
Everlasting King
You are my Strong Tower
Fortress when I'm weak

Your name is true and holy
And your face is all I seek

It's amazing how much these lyrics feed my heart when I am weak and feeling as if shelter is far away from me.

I think I can sum it up this way. Between time spent in class and time spent working on homework/artwork, which are now the same things, and doing an 80%-in-the-class job of said work, I spent 11.5 hours at school, working today. That's cutting time I spent walking between the places. Then I went to Care Group when, to get that 80% level, I needed to be doing Painting homework for tomorrow all night and not sleeping. Problem being that I must get up super early tomorrow and finish a project that's a portion of a mural! Ugh.

I made a decision that put school on a lower scale than life. Because I'm sick I can't all-night it. And because I'm low, I needed Care Group.

Care Group tonight was awesome in a disscussiony way. We watched an interview of Bono. Discussed bad stewardship, prayed for each other... Good stuff.

I long to discuss and debrief from Breakforth, but I find myself without the time. That and the time to properly blog, or to see friends who I find important, or to really live. I'm drowning in school.

Greatest internet error message I ever got was 5 minutes ago: "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete." Dude, it's like "Page not found" on steroids.

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