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Weird Oddities

FIRST: A Quick Meme. Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favourite icon of yours, then post this to your own journal using your own favourite icon. =) Obviously, this icon is my favourite. And will probably be for some time.

So I'm one of those people with the incurable disease of not being able to say no... Okay, that's not true. But realistically in this case I should have said it. I was relying on tomorrow morning to do some artwork at school. Granted, I may not have finished it, or even got there to do it, but now I have a practice for Church worship. And I wasn't going to go to Church on Sunday either. Oh well. I made my decision. It will cost me sleep. Hopefully not sanity, though.

I have a ton to say, but it's one in the morning! I have a quotes list from Kate's Birthday party. I'll get to it eventually, but not tonight.

Saw The Prestige again and my love-hate relationship with it has been renewed. I cannot discuss it further due to spoilers. But... It's so hard not to. As Ricki and I settled on the proper description, I will say how I feel in short - it's beautiful horror, and genius and symmetry. The symmetry is the key.

Anyway. Um... IVCF Retreat tomorrow to Sunday. Sunday night I'll probably have lots to say.

Aw, man. I really have to do the quotes now, don't I? Well, I guess....
Kate's Party Quotes:

Ricki: Usually I crush people's spirit's by accident!

Audrey: Your nose was just asking for it!
James: *deadpan* You mean, my nose was saying, "Honk me, please, please honk me!"

Kate: Those glasses sure look good on Jess, don't they?
Audrey: I think she looks like a freak!
Kate: *aside to Twyla* They kind of give her that sexy librarian look...
Jessie: I'm putting them away and never wearing them again!

Audrey: God has been angry at this group since Jesse L. broke off his legs!
(Long story involving a fragile crucifix.)

Kate: But Audrey, James has mussels! I mean, not literally. Figuratively! I mean...
(Ah, homophones.)

Ricki: *does "demonic pig" face* COME ON! How do you not know the demonic pigs?

Shane: Ricki, all your references are so obscure!
Ricki: Like, from the Bible! That's not obscure!
Shane: OH! It is so! The story isn't about that... It's about casting demonic pigs... Wait...

Shane: I cast demonic pigs, Level 3!

Me: I can't really love the characters or hate them... I... average them?
James: Average them? Like, "I guess we'll have to put you, you, and you together and cut you in half..."

Jessie: We love you because you have weird oddities, Twyla.

Kate: What? Garrett's a polygamist? *Ricki nods* You mean, he has more than one wife?
Ricki: No.
Kate: Because I'd be amazed if he could get ONE wife.

That's all for now, folks. Bed.
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