newsong (newsong) wrote,

Already Tired

Oh boy. 

Remember that life I used to have? Between now and next week I won't have one, because I have SO much artwork to finish. I have a bunch of nasty color charts for painting with a prof who is a self-proffessed hard marker, drawing homework on a self-portrait that is a full year project, a small amulet to finish... And I absolutely must start my research project next week or I will be in deep trouble.

Suffice it to say, I'm bringing homework on the IVCF retreat, and I actually intend to be anti-social and do it. =( 

Since I don't want to pretty much literally die, though, I'm coming to Kate's party on Friday and doing coffee with Ricki before that. That's my last head's up though. I may pop by LJ to whine occassionally when I'm on the research bent. I'm doubting I'll get done my computery stuff this week. Hopefully next week isn't so bad because half of this is blizzard follow-up. Two weeks worth of work crammed into one. 

Let's take a moment to work this out, shall we? The realm of plausibility is nearly shattered. I have just spent 5 hours on my Painting homework. I am possibly a quarter done, if that. I'm estimating another ten hours? Amulet - if I take the wax with me to the IVCF retreat and borrow some clay tools from the department, I can resign that to the weekend and spend a couple of hours with the investment. Two hours at school then, likely Wednesday morning.

I have to work tomorrow. Friday morning will be spent sleeping to work up to next week because I need Saturday for painting/drawing homework. Drawing is a semester project that I need to get a solid start on, say, a quarter of the page of squares? That's 3-4 hours. Now I have to work tomorrow and tomorrow night I don't want to go back to campus. Insert 40 pages of Art History readings here.  I have Monday from 3-5:30 - drawing homework? It's close to meeting spaces and such. Then Sculpture is Tuesday and the investment must have had time to dry, and I have a class in the morning. I'm stuck with the problem of the sculpture...

And then a number of people begging for my time and attention or vice versa. Or I need to talk to them about important stuff and it can't blow over.

I am almost feeling sick just considering how much work I have to do. And at the moment I'm hating painting again, though I think that will get better as this class goes on, regardless of the high expectations of the prof.

God, help me.

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