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Deleran LARP

This may well be my last chance to post about the LARP... So I guess I really should. I'm not posting any pictures because honestly very few of them turned out well at all. Please, people, if you had good full group pictures I'd really like them. I have a couple that turned out, but I'll deal with the photo stuff after Urbana...

The LARP was fantastic. I'm glad Faith's character found it in herself to rule, though the Raven has some objections to Malachi's position of power over her... I'm looking forward to being the other voice in her ear. I am loyal to the Lady Faith because I know I need to be.

Carla did an excellent job with the visions and the story of my mother. I can't say I like all of it, but I'll take it as testimony to the fact that my character hates Fate but it controls her utterly. It works, which is the main point. Carla and I can roleplay some stuff to decide exactly how that's going to go. It's really nice to surrender some character stuff.

I found it pretty easy to play without Solo, actually, because I didn't realize how much Twylight - the character, not necessarily me, would like being the Raven. It's just another layer to her, but the best kind. I made sure that only the top characters knew who I was, and that if they needed to bribe someone they got the money from me and gave it to them.

Also there's the fact that Solo is a stock character who doesn't have much of a life or an attitude or a reality. He's just a name and a character to go with her and be the other person in a dual prophecy. *shrug* It was okay without him.

I thought it was really neat that I never even looked at the bag of jewels that Liera gave me - I thought it was just more Delerite, and I could have given that to Magwyn/ShadowSeven, but instead I made up the story about how many prime mines I find on my travels and I can get her TONNES of gemstones. She accepted that with a hefty sum of Delerite as a down payment.

I'm trying to decide what all happened at the LARP that I'll be happy with canonizing. I'd like to revise how my bid for power went, or erase it altogether, because frankly Twylight didn't want the throne either, she was just trying to take it on account of the threats of war. If we're being honest about it, it was kind of just bad LARP luck that things went that way. My character didn't really need to be making a bid for power, but Twyla only did so because of the chaos. Oy. We'll see what people want canon who are continuing or starting, now, with the story RPG. I was fully expecting Alaricia to want the throne, or for something to be set up to dissolve the monarchy, or SOMETHING like that. But everything kinda crumbled. Oh well. It was interesting. There were so many things discovered in character - deals brokered and networks increased.

I am excited for the future of Deleran, particularly for my place in it.

Sounds like a party... ;)

I guess my favourite parts of the whole thing were a combination the black feather recognition thing Carla did for Liera's character, and how awesomely it plays into my dual character as the Raven, and the fact that I got to finance the death of King Benjamin. Seriously, that was awesome. I think my favourite in-character moment was asking Faith to prove to me that the death of King Ben wasn't only desirable to herself. I challenged her, and it was a great LARPing moment for me. Also, I keep wondering if Kate got the sword fixed... =)

I could say so much more, but it's four in the morning and I leave for Urbana in less than 24 hours.

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