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The Rundown (Calories, Theories, Parties)

Don't know much about history, Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book, Don't know much about the French I took

But I do know that I love you, and I know that if you love me too
What a wonderful world this would be

Don't know much about geography, Don't know much trigonometry
Don't know much about algebra, Don't know what a slide rule is for

But I do know one and one is two, and if this one could be with you
What a wonderful world this would be

Now I don't claim, to be an A-student, But I'm trying to be
For maybe by being an A-student, baby, I could win your love for me

In case any of you lovely people missed it, I had a Christmas card request post... I'll be sending stuff soon, so get on the bandsleigh!

Alright, so the last few days have been full of fever pitch in terms of getting work done. Fever pitch, very little desire for or access to personal hygiene necessities like having time to properly shower and brush my teeth, and there's just so much to do. I guess, long story short, it's been a number of very fuzzy days that included long stretches of homework and such things. Short story long - Monday I had a final in the morning, then eventually I came home and watched Narnia with my Mom and went to bed around 1am. 17.5 hours later I awoke and realized I basically had skipped Tuesday... Tuesday night came and went with a lot of computery things and an hour of sleep. Wednesday I went to work full time. After work I went to Calories for supper (post from that evening will be included here) and then went home and got some sleep. Thursday I had a staff Christmas party where the gift exchange yielded me after some stealage a pair of lovely snowmen mugs. After this I went to campus and finished the 6 pieces from my painting class that I needed to do, then Mom gave me a ride home where I did a few hands and feet studies of Mom and Gran. I stayed up a good bit of the night talking to Ashleigh after that about various juicy things (and it was already like one in the morning). By 5am I was getting ready for bed for a couple hours. This did not work. I tossed and turned and then finally made it to sleep for an hour from 6:00-7:00. When I finally tried to get up at 8am to go to work for a nearly full time day, I realized that was SO not happening and set my alarm for 11. It turns out it had been set for 11pm, but that's okay, because at about 10:15 my family awoke me and said they'd give me a ride to where I needed to be - which was really good because I definitely needed to get my sculptures out of the studio. More on today after this commercial break.

I absolutely love Emmylou Harris' version of Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. It was playing this morning at Grainfields where my Grandma and Aunt had breakfast with me. Can't find an MP3 of it though. Sucks.

Speaking of adorable and awesome songs, one of my favourite songs ever for it's beauty, simplicity, and always inspires a girly "Awwww" from me was released in 1960 - Sam Cooke's Wonderful World. For the first time, I finally acquired an MP3 of it. Unless you've been living in a cave or a foreign country, you may have heard it... It's the one at the top of my email. I uploaded it to YSI as a gift for you all. The thing is, there's no real reason for me to like that song. I can't sing it from first person really because I do know my fair share on most of the topics he talks about until he gets to the math stuff anyway. But I absolutely fell in love with this song from the moment I first heard it in the Broadway Cafe. I always go to Broadway to think. And this song was on one day when I came to think about a guy I liked. And it was just so oddly fitting even though I'm into the intellectual boys and it doesn't fit my life at all. There's just something so sweet and honest about it I guess.

Speaking of going to Broadway to think, here's one of my famed transcription posts - things I wrote instead of typed. After work on Wednesday I went to Calories and the following transpired from my mood...

Calories Ponderings from Wednesday

"As I sit here in Calories, where I come occasionally just to relax on my own with fine service, a London Fog, and a salad (or at least, that's my order today) I can take time to reflect. Further in, further back. So much of journal culture is about reflecting back on the year in early December. I find it difficult to go back all the way to January, to the middle of a school year, and in fact, without LJ, I wouldn't remember it at all. My personal clock has a habit of starting the year at the day I'm done finals and begin work.

Calories always has an effect on me - usually to magnify whichever mood I happen to be in as I enter it. Today my mood was a perfect Calories mood - teetering on the edge of pensive and morose. By accident I've had a completely vegetarian subsistence today. I had fruit around 2:30 for coffee break at work and I just had the lovely chef's salad with fresh bread and equally fresh butter. Eating at Calories has the same effect as eating kosher Jewish food - it simply tastes clean. I've ruined the health benefits of course by indulging in a London Fog and a creme brulee, however I came here for atmosphere and excellence and quiet as opposed to health.

Calories is a place designed for self indulgence, and the person I am today is extremely appreciative of a little quiet, a little jazz, and an overpriced and under-thought postmodernist painting to sit under. An empty restaurant, too. Such things are the recipe for the question, Who Am I? I can start with the epithet nailed to my person at birth, I am a woman. Until recently I may have answered girl, but I do not think it prejudiced or arrogant to decide on the more "grown up" term today. Those things that give me the most pleasure are defined. I am suddenly more discerning about such plans as I make for the rest of my life. I am aware that the person I am today would willingly sacrifice a proper lunch to have a supper like this one in comfort and sophistication. And relative darkness.

Darkness in restaurants has many purposes. Comfort can be one. Perhaps comfort in the fact that you cannot make out all the imperfections in your partner (if you have one, or your waiting person if you don't.) For someone who thinks as much as I do it makes the possibility of discovering the people you wish sat across from you in the back of your mind, an open invitation - but a poor substitute. And it creates the space needed for fantasy, for the otherworldly aspect of romance. Such lofty absolutes cannot be overlooked when one examines the nature and purpose of ambiance. For me on this day, ambiance is illumination of the things that I would prefer to hide, opinions that did not make it into my manifesto, the things about myself that I become increasingly more reluctant to share. As in all my life, sometimes at the most crucial moments, the opposite of the norm is true. Quiet candlelit reflection becomes a searing flame today."

Today's Events
That stuff about this week was very difficult to remember because everything prior to this afternoon is fuzzy as can be for the past. Quick rundown though. I went for breakfast with the family to Grainfields, drew my Aunt's hands... Then I went and rescued my sculpture stuff. Next my lovely family dropped me off at the Education building, where I met up with James and drew his hand twice for my project, and my foot a large number of times in different drawing media. I wish I'd been able to draw a guy's foot. Ah, well. James and I had some good conversation on a number of topics from jobless spouses/partners to Stephen Fry and British television.

Me: How's your hand?
James: Fine. I mean, my arm is cramping, and I can't feel two of my fingers, and another one is all tingly. I'm doing great!

Good times. For me, that is.

After this I went and sorted through my portfolio where I met up with Ben, and we discussed his options for going to Italy this summer. These people and their travelling. Technically I travel a lot on a shorter leash I suppose. I got my portfolio in with time to spare, then caught a bus to work. The bus I had aimed for mysteriously never appeared. I've had this problem quite a bit lately. Busses just never showing when I'm positive I've been around very early... Booooo.

Anyway, went to work for an hour, family picked me up, we went for supper to Fudds and then to McNally Robinson. Penningtons is right next door to McNally and I bought a top. I promised a bunch of people there would be cheering when I reached size 20... Well, *CHEER*. I bought a lovely green dress shirt for $20 today, and it's a size 20. I think I'm still a 22 in pants though I'm sure that will go down quite soon as well. There will, of course, be a much bigger cheer when I reach 18, and probably a fully fledged party at size 16 =) Those are future things however. Wonderful future things to think about...


Also random - I like public bathrooms to be well lit. Perhaps it's the feeling of impending spiders and grime that a dark bathroom invites? Or perhaps I'm just weird. Also, I hate feeling cramped and pretty much always take the handicapped bathroom space. Biggest graffitti pet peeve? When people write "Don't vandalize the washrooms" on a bathroom stall. The stupid irony of it makes me hate it so.

I am somewhat addicted to the human experience, and odd parts of it. I've been called an odd duck for some time because of my relatively weird enjoyments of the following: the smell of gasoline... Okay, I'm not alone. The sound of shattering plates (especially on tile floors) and nails on a chalkboard. This for the same reason that I love eating lemons and limes and other citrus fruits (ate two wedges today in fact) - it's the spine shiver. I enjoy a lot of other weird things. Further bulletins as events warrant.

I have a lot of random theories on things. Here's a few of them for randomness sake:

1) Men like women's voices in music better on the whole, and vice versa - often, though, your very favourite band is a similar voice type to yours. This is gathered from the polling of most people I know. I'm so into guys voices. =)
2) The whole not wearing a coat in winter thing that a lot of guys do is possibly a macho statement to the effect of, "I'm not gay, and I'm a real man!" Of course, you can also just pin it down to stupidity.
3) Again on music - I think the common and popular progression of music throughout the ages is based on the relative similarity of the music's correspondence to orgasms. No, no, don't just label me a perv! I actually thought about this because I listen to most of my music on the bus, and on the busses in my city there's tons of those posters they want the common/lower class people to read about abstinence and how many people you've slept with in relative and screwed up mathematical theory (because obviously if you've had 12 partners, each one of them has also had 12 partners because the world is totally fair like that...) Anyway, I was listening to U2 - Elevation and looking at this poster on the bus of a messy bed with warnings plastered on it thinking that songs like Elevation are totally about orgasms... And then I though, Hmmmmm. They all are, sort of. Yes, I'm a weird duck. I know.

Anyway. Gargantuan post.
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