newsong (newsong) wrote,

Rain Rain, come Again

So, I suppose I should post about my rather dull life. The allergies have moderately subsided under the influence of many drugs - decondestants and antihystamines and vitamins galore. And the rain - the thunder and lightning were excellent! I haven't done much of anything lately, though I do plan to do some things tomorrow.

Namely the following:
1. Take the 18 from home to around where I'll be working to find out how long it takes.
2. Buy a guitar pick so I can play around with my guitar without killing both sets of fingertips. (This does at least give me incentive to cut my nails VERY short instead of just watching them break off and make me look bad.)
3. Go to Georgio's in the morning and take the pictures for him that he asked for. A week late, but I should phone him first. Or maybe not, I have a bus pass and all the time in the world at the moment. Just have to remember to take my camera.
4. Go to Band at Lunch for the pizza party. (Yeah, it's homogenized milk that contributes to societal obesity, psychojello... lol)
5. Go to the Library for a book binge. I need one.
6. Go to the 33rd St. Tim Hortons with Jamie for 4pm and catch up on politics. It's going to be a great debate on the candidates. He's big into NDP, I don't really like any of the platforms very much. I've been told I should run for office - but I think I'll get involved in city politics before I go federal. I may just do it, you know. Make life more interesting.
7. Go to Jamie's house and watch Game 7. Calgary generally wins when they aren't in Calgary. Must I repeat,

8. Sleep.

And that is all I shall do tomorrow as far as I know. There was something else... Oh yeah, pay for one of my choirs. I mean,

7a. Pay for one of my choirs.

I want to go see Hidalgo, but I can't afford it...

That is all.

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