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A Number of Things

My lovely home internet system is busy being dreadfully unreliable. I believe I use dreadfully as a deserved epithet here, being as I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe, every night when I try to have some good computer time it will serve the desired purpose and actually work... Here's hoping.

I'm looking forward to finding out from James if he has a ticket for tomorrow or whatever. Boo unreliable internet though, I keep having to reload Gmail chat. The moment I connect to him every time it stops working. It makes me livid. The thing is, there's a dance tomorrow, and I still don't know if he has a ticket or is planning to come, so I need his information to proceed with life as usual....

Finally I got through enough to tell him to call my cell, and we had a 25 minute conversation. Note to self, don't call interesting people at 11:45pm when you're hoping to get to sleep! Anyways, he was suggesting some hot springs stopover when we go to the Ice Crystal Ball at Danceland in January. That and that we get together to practice once a week so we actually get good. Fantastic dance partner, and I said as much! In other news, I'm crossing my fingers that I get my Dance shoes before the Christmas formal.

Anyway, on the schedule tomorrow is taking bottles back so I have a little money to spend, hitting Value Village for plaster casting things - oh, we had a demonstration on the proper use of plaster in my sculpture class today. Real plaster that is, not that crappy kind you find in high school. I wasn't going to make it a big medium until I realized this, but now it's totally the medium of this project.

My drawing class too, was informative. I love my art profs! They're amazing!

Tonight at IVCF we had a very hard-hitting audio sermon, and a guy named Rick showed up that I'd never seen before. He lagged behind the group and kept to himself, though we offered him involvement. After the sermon he stayed back and didn't get into the group discussion. I waved him over in invitation, but he nodded no and I let him be. Suddenly, he beckoned me to come over and said he wanted prayer, that he was rededicating his life to Christ tonight and that's why he'd come. I ushered him out into the hallway, and he told me a little more about what he wanted me to pray for - he wanted to change, and I asked his name. And then I silently asked God what to pray for. And when I finished, he was crying. I've rarely ever seen a man cry that much. His sincerity was beautiful and refreshing, and I thank God so much for letting me be a part of what he was doing in that man's life. To God be the Glory, forever and ever. Amen.
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