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So, looking back on my day, I see something rather unproductive. Looking forward on my evening as I begin to write a post that will likely last 4 hours off and on, I see much of the same, considering I have a midterm tomorrow for my Sculpture class.

Things that did happen today, though, were coffee with Kate, coffee with Aaron, and finishing A Great And Terrible Beauty in time to realize that it's a cliffhanger ending. Great. Now I have to make a supplementary trip to the bookstore to spend altogether too generous amounts on two books - Lemony, and the sequel to this one. Eeek. Perhaps I'll just spend a generous amount of time there?

I spent far too much time on studying the midterm today, considering the only questions on it are matching titles/artist names to photos of sculptures and multiple choice definitions for artspeak words like "installation" and "bas-relief." Practically elementary school all over again, I wonder if I can get 100%?

Anyways, a disaster happened tonight when my salad bowl fell over and soaked an inch on the top of my brand new, flawless, $115 Sculpture textbook with pure oil. I am mortified and saddened. Not that I ever have time to get around to selling my texts anyway =P

This is going to be a record setting week for going for coffee with people, really. Especially if you count Ricki bringing me my bus pass and us having a brief conversation, my Mom doing supper with me yesterday, and Soleil calling me, which is as close to coffee as we get. But the rest are Amy, Aaron, Roberta, James (if you count dancing as coffee, which I do since it's meeting a friend), Kate, everyone at Wed/Fri lunches, probably Jessie on Thursday, and who knows who in the rest of the week! It's awesome though.

I believe I forgot to mention a rather large development in the wake of writing other things. Fridge. Our fridge died a horrible death a while back and I was adjusting to never eating at home. Now we have a nice new fridge. The kicker? The old fridge was stainless steel and didn't allow for magnets. This fridge does. We have no magnets at home. See any you like, or have one lying around the house? I'd love to acquire one - and since this is a small object, it counts for those of you in the States, too. Have an elegant or goofy fridge magnet to spare? Ask for my address and send it along!

Finally, Saturday's the first official dance of the year! I get to wear a nice skirt and hopefully a pair of shoes that fit =S

Someday I need to make a purchase from a ballroom dance shoe website. If I join intermediate next year, I certainly will. For now I wait for the shoes I ordered to arrive at Spotlite and hope that a pair I currently own will suffice for awhile. Got my fingers crossed for James to get a ticket to the dance though... If he doesn't I may just sell off my ticket and only go to the lovely Danceland dance two Saturdays from now.
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