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Thanksgiving (possibly Part 1)

Here I sit, about an hour before the midnight which signals Thanksgiving, in Canada anyway.

I'm thinking about the sucky Econ webtests I have left. Three, which will take me at least four hours. I'm thinking about just how much suckyness has been involved in this Thanksgiving. But because Thanksgiving simply requires a list, I shall write one.

Since this time, more suckyness has occurred in that for some reason my Econ webtests screwed up and it won't let me write two out of the four chapters. The fourth chapter I got a 73% on without actually having seen the material. Coolness. Maybe when I write it a second or third time I can improve that somewhat. Either way, if the situation isn't fixed I only lose two percent out of a hundred. Not too terrible I suppose, since I'm planning on doing a complete ace job on that final.

I'll start at 75 and see where it goes from there...

I am thankful for:

1. My eyesight that enables me to see colors and create artwork for others to enjoy, it allows me to see smiles and facial expressions, not trip over things, and have a favourite color. It allows me to memorize a friend's face, to see the world around me.
2. My hearing that lets me enjoy music so much
3. My sense of co-ordination that makes me a good dancer
4. My sense of smell, and it's wonderful connection to memory - the way I can smell rain, or smell herbal tea or delicious dinners or coffee in the morning at school,
5. My sense of touch that lets me enjoy fabrics and the feeling of charcoal on paper and the muscle in a man's arm when I dance with him, and the soft waxyness of a peapod, the feeling of someone's hair when I ruffle it out of sillyness, the way mist feels on your face when it's not quite raining...
6. My sense of taste that allows for a favourite food, a love of various teas and an enjoyment of new experiences in flavour like Vietnamese, Indian, and other kinds of food that I now love.
7. Having a lead to dance with for Ballroom for the first time, and getting a chance to go to Danceland, something I've wanted since I was in my teens and went in one evening when my family took a trip to Manitou Beach in Watrous. I walked in there, and it was magical. I've always missed dancing when I wasn't doing it, so it's great that I now basically only have one hobby. Dance.
8. None of my clothes fitting anymore. This may seem an odd thing to be thankful for, except it's actually because I'm losing so much fat. I can't say weight, because the numbers are staying fairly steady in that department, though I have lost over 10 pounds by now I'm sure. Eating carefully, not always choosing the bigger portions, dancing, and not being afraid to walk all the way across campus on a whim have all contributed to the process and I'm grateful for it. Someday when I hit the teens in clothes sizes, I will have a happydancing fit =) So,
9. I am thankful that before I know it, I'll have lost enough weight to be comfortable with myself.
10. My dog Carlos, who makes me smile, kisses me better than a man ever could, and has been enjoying the chance to spend time with me this weekend.
11. The fact that I am learning to love people more. It's starting to make a real appearance in the things I do and say.
12. My art profs are amazing people, and some of them really click with me. It's going to be a good year academically.
13. 90% Final in Econ. That's going to be a good thing. Finding out fairly early that I have the wrong company textbook and finding one for $40 total to replace it from online.
14. Having almost enough time to study for my exams and write my essays and create my projects this year.
15. My electronics collection with a neat cell phone, MP3 player, jump drive, laptop, camera. They make my life brighter.
16. The internet. Enough said.
17. My friends. Ricki, Roberta, Soleil holding the three best friend positions, then dozens of people that have made the transition from aquaintance to being my girlfriends: Amy, Mary, Jessie, Kate, Melanie, Cathleen, Ash, Then the guys that hold that prestigious position: Aaron, James and others, mostly not people my age though...
18. My aquaintances that may never be anything more, but hold an important place in my life. People like the rest of the Conquiztadors, a great many IVCF people,
19. The people I'm trying to transition from aquaintances to friends, like Pauline and Desiree and Janel and Megan and Dan and Lauren and Mike and more, many more.
20. Old friends that I almost never talk to, but still think about and hope to talk to more - Katrina, Jordie, others.
21. Older men and women that have mentored me at different times in my life. Pastor Leyton, Pastor Ken, Mr. Wong, Mr. Block, and more recently Mr Loewen, Mark Willems, Reg Pope, Dianne Mantyka, my high school teachers Mr. Brown, Mr. P. Brown, Mr. Christianson, Mr. Dybvig, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. G, my profs in Univerisity that I've had real conversations with and have pushed me to do my best, like Lewis Styles, John Porter, Kathleen James-Cavan, Garry Gable and others...
22. My LJ friends, the people who care about me, who follow my sagas and enjoy my rollercoaster life.
23. The seasons, and how beautiful each one of them is in Saskatchewan. I've heard that some places in North America, Fall is boring, I know that some places don't get snow in winter, I know some places have rain instead of meltdown in Spring. I like the seasons here.
24. My comfortable bed and pillow
25. Licorice and other candy I actually like. There aren't many, really. I'm not much of a sweet tooth.
26. Fancy clothing and events to wear it at
27. That I'm a musical person, that I can sort of sing the song. I've got rythym, I've got music...
28. That my family still tries to preserve home cooking, even though it's more and more difficult now.
29. Long weekends, if only for the sleeping in and staying up late.
30. Good University marks.
31. Comedy, like John Cleese on Just For Laughs.
32. Soft towels, warm baths, and epsom salts
33. The body's capacity to heal
34. The trust of others
35. My laptop
36. Bus stops with benches
37. Finally having my ears pierced
38. Finally having long hair
39. Being close to having my braces off...
40. Having lunch buddies for the first time
41. Having a satisfying, good conversation with a friend
42. Being born in this time
43. God.
44. Great artists like Dali, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, and hundreds more I've studied.
45. Blogging and journalling being so easy now
46. Friends who share their lives with me
47. Vacations
48. Seeing new cities that I've never seen before
49. The ability to take spectacular photographs of the Exhibition at night from the Ferris Wheel
50. Ebay.
51. Living things like plants and animals and children that make life so much more colorful and meaningful
52. Profs who care about you as a person
53. GST rebates that have good timing.
54. Finding lost things
55. Bus passes
56. Fruit
57. Comfortable underwear
58. People of the opposite gender and their innate desire to fix things
59. People of my gender and their innate desire to comfort you and say things will be okay
60. Love.
61. Understanding.
62. Worship.
63. Being encouraged to have a ministry by the adults in my life.
64. A good movie that makes me think or simply dazzles me
65. Good books that allow me to bury myself in another world for just a few minutes
66. Being a fast reader
67. Having a sound mind, being intelligent
68. Understanding forgiveness.
69. Warm clothes and blankets and dry warm air when it's rainy.
70. The free feeling I get when I bike places.
71. The joy of a well rhymed phrase in a song
72. Not feeling guilty for breaking ties with some of my past
73. My health being better this year than many, many years before
74. Stopping this list at 75 and going to bed
75. Not feeling the need to think of something final and amazing for number 75.

I may or may not continue this later?
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