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Massage Therapy...

I'll take this opportunity while staying up late for computery things (installing a Bible program called Illumina and ripping a number of CDs for putting them onto my MP3 player...) to speak of the events of the day.

Namely sleeping in, going to Reg's Genesis Bible Study and having a long and in depth conversation with him afterwards as he gave me a ride to work. There was some discussion on the concept of power because Aaron was calling it one of those Christian buzzwords and we had to agree that it was. I look forward to that study on Tuesdays =)

After that I went to work and FINALLY finished the french project. Ugh. Crazy french language. Then I went back to school to work on my painting assignment, which I finished around 10:00, then called for a ride.

So my family agreed to give me a ride if I'd use the new foot massage thing. Sure, I said. It's a total adventure people, and that's all I'm saying before I bring it to the party on Thursday. Seriously awesome though.

I then decided to use the family massage chair. Man, it's nice.

Good times. Or in the case of the painting as Ricki and I would say, "Times..." *grin*

Nighty night all.

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