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Not much going on.

I suppose I should post. I'm having a very lazy day today. And a tired one, though I had enough sleep last night. Today I wore my nice new skirt, a flouncy and colorful number in peach, orange, and red on a white background. I feel pretty today. Though the bag of chips that Stella gave me (because she got it flirting with a Lays delivery guy) would make me a whole lot fatter if I hadn't scorned it and put most of it in my food cupboard. I took a bunch of food to work today. I do that occasionally, than eat until it's gone. When there's fresh lettuce in the house I generally try to take some to work pretty much every day. Work today has been supremely boring. Now for a random fact I found.

The phrase "The Sight of you is good for sore Eyes" was first recorded by Jonathan Swift, in 'A complete collection of genteel and ingenious conversation', 1738.

Cool stuff, that. Off to Bible Study at Dan's. Should be good, and I remembered to bring my Bible today :) I really need to work on my Scrubs icons for icons100... And icons in general.
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