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Trust Issues

How do we feel
How do we feel
My generation is aching for real
Dying for love, Crying for truth
My generation is aching for You

Trust me,  this entry will be about trust.  I think I can work it into pretty much anything that's happened both online and offline lately.

First, yesterday I made Lime jello at work, and put it in the fridge in the afternoon, trusting the fact that since it's Jello, it would set. It did, and here I am eating some excellent Lime jello for breakfast. I guess I start with that to demonstrate the sheer number of things in life where trust is a big issue, though often an invisible one.

Even though it has been rainy and overcast for days, I trusted that today would be sunny. This is more on account of my innate farmers-are-my-heritage knowledge of the weather. I'm only wrong two or three days out of the year with how the weather will be, and I was right about it being sunny today. But nevertheless, I really appreciate the light in my office. So much so that I actually opened the blinds.

Next, I'd like to welcome rvos for re-adding me and going back to being my mutual friend. I am so happy for your trust, you're a great person and will be a great Mom.

Today was Mission: Comment on Everything on your Flist day. So if you posted lately, expect comments from me, and if not, post so I can comment on it! :) I've decided to try commenting more. I do read nearly everything, and often have something I could have said but didn't. I know how much I like recieving comments, so count on me to make a bigger effort and pester me if I don't. You can trust me to be reading your entries, by the way. You're all important to me! Also, if there are those of you who aren't on my MSN yet who have MSN, add me, my info is on my userinfo. I had a chance to talk to twist_yourself today on MSN, and it's been a really interesting conversation =)

Also, I tried selling some stuff on Ebay on 10 cent listing day. Trust is a big issue here, because I think I've been bitten by a scammer. I've spent a good 20 minutes trying to find out how to get out. Finally, I sent an email to Ebay customer support. Man, it's hard to get out of an auction (good for buyers who buy something for 1 cent... but also REALLY good for fraud buyers.)

It might take a week to get out of the situation. I hope support can help me out of the situation. There should be an easier way to get out if someone matches fraud descriptions. Anyway. What will probably happen is that I've reposted the auction and I'll wait for a non-paying bidder report to be possible on the first one so my auction fees are refunded.

Ugh. It sucks, but such is life.

I've been writing this entry for hours now, as happens with most of my entries from work. I work, write a litle as it comes to me, research Ebay spamming for a few minutes, write some more.

I made Ricki a totally banana-themed gift for her birthday =D I was even wearing a banana t-shirt from Threadless. I got a thank you from her about how nice and sweet the card was. I guess she didn't read it all that carefully - bloody chicken cleavers and the end of the world were mentioned. *grin* Lova ya Ricki. Miss you again already. But you're back more often this year, so it's not so bad. Also, I have something you might want - the newest Starfield album. I'm addicted to two songs on it already. Reminds me of Switchfoot's Nothing is Sound album a lot. Right down to the best songs on it being #1 and #9 - really.

By the way I love being a dork. And I like guys who are dorks. And dorkness is so cool! Viva la dorks! Yeah, that was so dorky of me. Heh.

And while I'm being dorky, either you all need to stop having/mentioning babies and children, or I'm really going to need a children-related icon. I'm thinking about the Scrubs episode where J.D. does a black and white segment on pregnancy and the woman turns to her husband and says, "You do it!" I loved that segment. I'm finding that I need it more often than usual lately and so since none of you will stop having kids for me, I'll have to get one eventually. I'm kidding about that, you know. Please, keep having kids, kids are awesome. I was a kid once.

Speaking of Scrubs though, I need to get DVDs or shared computer copies of CSI, Corner Gas, and the 5th season of Scrubs. And I'm required to watch two movies tonight. I rented Munich and Casanova on Sunday night, and bought X2 so I could be prepared for X3. Unfortunately I watched X2, and then last night when I'd meant to watch a movie I ended up crashing with a headache at 6:30 and switching off my alarm while still asleep and not waking up until 2am, at which time I decided it was much to late to get up again and slept until 8:12 when my Grandma came in, poked me, and said, "Are you planning to go to work today?" Me: "Yes, what time is it?" *looks* "SHIT. Bus in three minutes!" And then I couldn't find my shoes for a bit... Long story short I did get the bus. Trusty bus, always comes at about the same time. As long as I'm there two minutes earlier I should be okay.

I'm working on a project involving the alphabet at work. Stupid 26 not being evenly divisible! Bah! Anyway, time to order in some food and keep working.
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