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Wacky Inventions

I found some weird inventions online today.

Topless Flipflops - They stick to your foot apparently. Stick supposedly lasts about a year. Crazy.

Electric Guitars that disassemble - You can take it apart to fly, and you can have multiple guitar looks. It's like... Guitar Barbie! *grin*

Car holder for Laptop - To use your laptop to watch movies in a car

Suction-Powered Golf Ball Retriever - Nuff Said.

Adjustable Golf Club - A 12-in-one club.

Disposable plate with a cupholder! - Now this would be handy at parties.

PowerSkip - Better than a hoverboard, and just as futuristic.

- Not just the stall doors anymore. Advertising pwns all.

PupCups - Disposable water cups. For your pets on vacation. As petty as this is, I think we'd actually buy a pack and keep it in the car instead of bringing containers.

FlapArt - Have you always wanted to do something quiet, subtle, and awesome for April Fools? I suggest this for next year. They're joke bookcovers, made to fit standard sized hardcover books. With titles like these, you're bound to start a conversation with someone. And if you're reading romances, you can hide them. It's all good.

Translucent Candy Ice Cream Cones - These look disgusting to me. I'd feel like I was eating plastic. Sugar cones for me anyday.

Laptop Stand I should make myself one of these. It looks like PVC.

Qubits - A Lego alternative, because "nature doesn't put itself together with rectangles"

New Age Diamonds - For between 2 and 3 thousand dollars you can have a colorful man made diamond that incorporates carbon from a loved one's hair. Weird, eh?

USB Drive Balloon - Expands when there's more information in it. So. Cool. Also, it's orange, and I'm partial to that color. One of few things on this list I'd be all over.

Plastic Bag Holder - So simple, it's hard to believe the dollar stores aren't selling it yet. It's probably like a $2 product, and it would SO go in our kitchen.

Anemone Alarm - I really, seriously need one of these developed and on the market. Now.

In the way of a real entry, I have not much to say. Except BBQ tonight at home with Souvlaki, *drool*

And the vote meeting for the current Pastoral candidate is tonight, so you will probably be getting another RL post from me today.
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