newsong (newsong) wrote,

Today It Rained

Ugh, here I am, it's Monday... And I want another weekend. No, I don't want a long weekend, I want a whole 'nother weekend, complete with a missing week that I lived through, but didn't experience. Actually, I don't really want that. But right now I'm kinda bummed about life because it rained outside. And then it stopped raining, but kept being cold. And so I wore very summery, thin, sleeveless stuff because it was bright and warm and beautiful this morning. And now not only will I freeze, but I can't christen my new umbrella. Booourns I say.

At work I'm working on one of those cool picture puzzles, the kind where pictures symbolize words and a bunch of them make a sentence. You know. Anyway, that's been fun so far :D I'll probably finish that project today or tomorrow morning. Also, I'll be doing a coloring book later this month.

In other news, last night at church was fun during the service. Thumbs are still up for the pastoral candidate. I'll get to know him better on Tuesday, but it seems to me that they're a good fit. I'm waiting on the board's recommendation, 6 days from now.

My wonderful water bottle that I posted a few months ago when I bought it is not so wonderful. For a while there I stopped using it completely because it had a piece of the plastic hinge bent outwards and when you put any pressure on it, the lid would pop and water would soak everything. Since I had it outside of my bag the laptop was safe, but my clothing and the floor was not.

Today it became my at-work iced tea mixer. I don't take it anywhere with me, so it's all good.

Today is one of those days at work where I just don't talk to anyone. This likely contributes to the general blah. Oh, and due to circumstances beyond my mental ability to control, I was up very late last night.

Thankfully, my job isn't too boring :)

EDIT: Also, CRAP. I totally didn't realize that I'm only getting paid for one week this week. Crappity crap. See, I'm bidding on RAZR on Ebay, and I definitely want to get it. And my bank account is overdrawn by $100... And I'm getting paid less than three hundred this week. I'm going to have to ask my Mom not to deposit that cheque I gave her until I get my next cheque. Man. I need tax returns and payments for notetaking like crazy. I hope they come soon.
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