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Here I am, 2am. Past the point of no return doesn't even cover it. By now, my sleep debt is getting so bad that I have to actually think carefully about whether my imagination's idea about "sleep creditors" is true or not. Also, I've said some really stupid things today.

Okay, so here's the deal about my day. I don't know if this will be long or short, so bear with me. It's too late to care whether I get more or less sleep or whatever.

Morning: Go to work for two hours. Check. Get picked up by Ricki... ooops, ERROR. Ricki sleeps in, so I get picked up at 11 instead of for 11. Ricki and I go to Jessie's place. We eat her Dad's homemade pizza. Very, very good. Blue kool-aid is consumed, and we talked and talked. Yay for that.

Ricki invites me to her house for the afternoon. I go, we have fun.... Yada yada. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't yada over this part, because I'm really going to miss Ricki, and seeing her one more time before she goes and being able to sometimes just sit in her company in silence while we both do different things is just as good as talking. *hugs* I shall miss you!!

After this, Ricki drops me off at the church. I was going to go to Roberta's get togethery thing, but it was on the FAR west side of town, and I had no way home, and stuff. So I went to my other priority destination - the Church Kids Carnival with side dish of Meeting Pastoral Candidate.

Since I really have no time to expound right now (perhaps I'll upload some photos late tomorrow night?) Suffice it to say two things: One: I had way more fun than should be allowed, and Two: Pastoral Candidate and his wife have my thumbs up already. They strike me as perfect for us.

Lastly, I also had (Dominoes) pizza for nightlunch. So I had pizza in the morning and at night. *groan*

Why am I up so late you ask? Three hours attempting to set up the IVCF email accounts. Ugh. Still not working. ><

No energy to type more. Spelling error content becoming lethal to my well being. Lethargy sets in.
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