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Quick Post

So most of my today was last night, as I couldn't sleep without choking on my own phlegm. Great. I managed to get a little sleep in during the day, then was woken by my Mom for a second Easter outing. We're thinking more about Easter here since Mom and I watched Passion of the Christ on Good Friday.

I realized as I was blowdrying my hair that I had not one but two huge meetings going on today. Both of which are IVCF related and both of which are just a bit later tonight. Ah well.

I always do a post for Easter, and it looks like I'll be doing one this Sunday.

Off to Montanas. And to the dollar store to buy a lei.
I couldn't sleep last night either. NOT AT ALL! i didn't have flem though..
I really hope you feel better. i've had pneumonia b4, so i can understand the whole hacking of flem thing- it stinks!!! Here's the best I can offer you:
"Lungs be cleared in Jesus name!"
(i'm actually not trying to be too funny, but i bet it came off that way...)
anywho, i'll keep it in prayer.

speaking of which,
i found this in a christian icon community:

oh.... and i copied 2 of your icons from your blog thingy. today i successfully accredited your name to them. (in the keywords) yay!