newsong (newsong) wrote,

Bold, Gold, and Georgia

So the exam wasn't torturous. But there were some brutal bits. Like automatic 5 marks off for a question I don't recall seeing anything about. :(

I can't seem to find one of my art pieces. I'm hoping it wasn't thrown away or misplaced to oblivion. It's one of my favourites too, of a woman in orange and other colors. I have a photo of it. I'm SURE it's there somewhere, it must be. I would be sad if it wasn't. But at least I do have a photo of it. Tomorrow I have my portfolio consult, or this wouldn't be such an issue.

So since I have about a week that I have quasi-nothing to do, I've got plans for myself.

1. Update my website like woah.
2. Watch movies and TV a lot.
3. Hit the library up for a lot of books.

If you are wondering about the title of this entry is has to do with my website workings that I'm doing right now. I have to bold the text, turn it the color gold, then change the font to Georgia. So what I say to myself as I do it is "Bold, Gold, and Georgia." Sounds cool. Make a good little ditty, that would. If you're wondering which page that's for, it's my "Favourite Words" page.

Check out my website folks. It's good stuff.
Tags: #life, twylacentral updates

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