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Hello Everyone,

This is Twyla with a much-desired update.

My Grandmother is fine. She looks a bit like the Elephant Man with bruises all over her face, but she is, in fact, fine. Contrary to my Mom's report, she has no concussion. Nothing is broken. Nothing is an issue except nausea and bruising and major, major pain.

Here's the story from my end: I got a phone call from my Mom as I was watching the tail end of CSI in the STM Lounge. She told me that Gran was in Emergency in the hospital and could I go to her. Obviously I grabbed my stuff and skedaddled on out of there. Without my old laptop, because I'd left it charging in STM. This situation was later rectified - I got the STMSU folks to put it in their office so I can pick it up tomorrow. Two people called me as I was on my way over there, and I asked them all to pray for the situation.

Okay, so I finally found the Emergency room from the opposite side of the hospital than I normally come, and I found Gran. She was rather coherent, and had just vomited all over the CT scanner. Yay.

My Aunt arrived shortly after that, and I took care of the laptop/calling people situations. Then I went and sat with Gran wiping blood off the cut on her face until we got out of there. Some guy came in with an ankle injury, and he asked how she was doing and we chatted a little.

Many jokes were made about the condition of the guy she had a fight with. Good times.

Now here's the fun stuff. My Grandma fell down the stairs. What does she immediately do? Well, summon the courage to go back upstairs, for one. Check. Now here's the part where she calls 911 because she's bleeding like a stuck pig, right? Nope. She had soup on the go, so she turned off the stove. Okay, I probably would have done that too. Then she went and cleaned up her face and got dressed and wrote a note to my Mom. Then she came back to the phone and called 911. Hearing this story nearly made me go insane. Being a trained Lifeguard, I knew the issues.

Well that's the story for today. I'll be back later for details, as it's my turn to get some food!

As for the comments about my icon, it's hilarious, and appropraite in a more realistic sense. It was, after all, only a scratch.
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