newsong (newsong) wrote,

Plagarism Pride

Prof. Porter: “I'm moody today. Somebody plagarized from, and they did it badly, I mean, they even copied the errors from the book review… You guys are going to have to give me a group hug or something. It’s an insult to me and my discipline!”

Student: “So what you’re saying is, we should take pride in our plagarism?”

Prof. Porter: “Yeah, I mean, at the very least, learn to Plagarize properly!”

Everyone: *laughs in shock*


I thought you might enjoy that little piece of awesome. By the way, this is the prof that's cute when he's flustered. =D

EDIT: Another gooder from Prof. Porter:

Porter: “So what is education for?”
Student: “Greater understanding of the world in General?”
Porter: “Oh, you naieve… I didn’t know there were still optimists out there. Education is about becoming a docile work force!”

Prof. Reese: (talking about fuel options in the Middle Ages) "Kids, get that shit! Get that shit quick, or we won't have a fire today. So what about human shit? Well, we're rather disinclined to play with that. Unless you're really, really weird."
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