newsong (newsong) wrote,

Elizabethtown is a fantastic movie.

Elizabethtown is my Garden State, or The Notebook. You know, the love story that changes your life?

I totally fell in love with that movie tonight.

I needed some hope that maybe one day I won't just be a substitute person, and I'll have my own love story. And even if I never do find it, I can enjoy everyone else's.

I've been rather silent on this issue of late. I avoided Valentines Day by spending it shopping on vacation, a plan which worked well for me. And otherwise I just seek to avoid it generally, which is not as easy it sounds. But it does provide at least a little bit of peace from the still ever-present desire. Sometimes. I guess in a sense I just gave up. I've been noticing how many profs I know are single. Lots of them. Nearly half of the ones I have now or have known. This is where I interject something like C'est la vie and pretend I stopped thinking about it.

Today I slept for three hours this morning and three hours (7-10) tonight. Now I'm making a PowerPoint for IVCF and sha'n't be going to bed for several hours yet.

I wonder what's going on for Drawing? We've had two classes cancelled in a row now, and I've finally caught up with my homework. But my prof is in a mystery health condition - I don't know if she'll be there or if we'll have a sub or if class will be cancelled... If it is, there's no guarantee I won't grab a key for room 118 and take a nap again.

I just feel so tired the last couple of days. I don't get it, I was doing fine there for awhile. Actually, if there's no class in the morning I might go get my ears pierced. I've been meaning to do that for a while now. Nevermind, I just realized there's no way I can pay for that right now. Rats.

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