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Philosophy is my gift, my curse

Today has been strangely profitable in spite of being lazy.

I discussed with my Mom over lunch the concept of our brilliance and intelligence depending not on trying harder, but in efficency. I used this example. There was a small wooden, compartmentalized box on the table containing sugar packets, utensils, Ketchup, and salt and pepper shakers. I shoved the box to the other side of the table and said, "The difference between us and less intelligent people is that they see a box full of stuff and push the entire box, or don't push it at all, or if they're just crafty and not intelligent, they'll get someone else to push the box for them. We see the box, use our left and right brains equally, and size it up spacially - whether this box is rational or irrational, solid or idea, we can still handle it via spacial processes. So we see the box and we realize that the only thing we need to move in the box is the salt. So we pick up the salt, and take it out of the box *does so, shoving salt across table* and to an outside observer we are seen as less efficient, or lazy, or a deviant. In reality, the spacial rationale is perfectly sound, two actions instead of one still equal less of an action. Therefore people simultaneously envy us for how easy everything is for us, and look down on us for performing a complex action instead of, what is to their perception, a simpler one."

I would have fit right in to the Dialogues of ancient Philosophy.

I have gotten at least five things done in the last twelve hours that were of import. I created the timetable for Prayer, booked the room, looked up an Ebook that my prof suggested for a paper, and, last but not least, written a philisophical diatribe on the specific evils of brilliance in my LJ. My work here is done.
I took me a second to follow that, but you are right about efficiency. Good example you used to illustrate it.
Lately, redundancy and useless philosophizing get more and more on my nerves. To say "brilliance and intelligence" weakens your argument for your own mental capacity. If you were as efficient as you claim, you'd cut one of the two. And I understand the point you're making, but I personally don't consider it a worthwhile point to make, and it isn't a diatribe in the modern sense. However, the archaic does suit it kind of nicely, at least the part about wasting time. This comment has been a diatribe. Consider thyself now educated.

And look, since I'll be sorry for posting this later, it's just that Tony got on my nerves with his useless philosophizing, and this is just more of the same. I know I'm being harsh--I generally don't correct people unless I'm ticked off--but consider it a compliment: I wouldn't tell you if I didn't think you were worth correction. You have a ton of potential, your papers are meritorious, and most of the time I love talking with you about serious matters.

So yeah, whatever. Take this as you will.
Everyone is pissed off at me today.

You're the fourth, actually.

Nothing new.

However, being that it's practically an onslaught, consider this comment soundly ignored until I have the proper mental/emotional resources to deal with it.
Huh, didn't mean to add to a pile. Ignoring sounds good. At least you'll never forget what diatribe means. ^_^; Sorry 'bout that. "I'm afraid of the times / When my honesty becomes unkind" are lyrics from the Five O'Clock People, and THAT is the other album I forgot to bring you instead of Casting Crowns. I'll bring it tomorrow.

But really, with a conceited title like "Brilliance is my gift," you were kind of asking for it. :D
I had toyed with adding "my curse" to the title, a Spider-Man reference, because it would have been more accurate to how I felt about it.

And it was a diatribe - just with the caustic remarks omitted so I don't seem like too much of a jerk. I omitted the constant of all my philosophising - the fact that I would like nothing less most of the time than to be a humdrum person who didn't have to deal with nearly everyone they know not understanding them. It's so much simpler to be a boring simpleton.

That idea was what started the conversation at lunch.

There are times when I do.

Oh, since you're online, pick two or three of the following and tell me what you have:

Michael W. Smith - Healing Rain
Hillsong United - Look to You (CD and DVD)
Brian Doerksen - Today
Fusebox - Lost in Worship
Planet Shakers - Phenomena
Passion - Better Is One Day
Hero the Rock Opera

Did you have/have you seen the DVD of Switchfoot's Nothing is Sound?
Doh! JUST when I turned off the computer. Of that I MAY have Passion: Better is One Day (is that the orange one?), and Hillsong United: Look to You. I THINK I have that one. All the others I don't know. And there's a DVD of Nothing is Sound?