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Confessions of an Idiot

I am officially a horrible person.

And an idiot.

I just spent four hours surfing LJ and the net just to avoid studying for a midterm that's worth 20%.

For a class I enjoy.

This needs to stop.
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This is the story of my life. You're not a horrible person, just an easily distracted one. If you still have time to study for the exam I'd suggest going and studying someplace you usually don't study (like the library if you usually stay in your room). This always helps me! :D
I would like to join the "story of my life" club, and vie for the position of president.

And yes, get rid of the laptop and force yourself into the library. It's very difficult to do, but its success rate is 100%.
It's midnight, I can't go to the library. But I got myself motivated by doing artwork first.

Now I'm working. (And checking email when it pops up.)
I got your postcard yesterday! Thank you so much :) I was all excited to see it.

I'm the same way. I lose hours everyday, surfing the web for nothing in particular. Just wasting time. When I got home from work yesterday, I banned myself from the computer and played with my dogs instead. It was hard, because out of habit, I kept heading for the computer room. Procrastination SUCKS.

That, right there, is my life story.

.... good luck on your midterm anyway? :)
I'll jump on the story of my life bandwagon. Good luck on the exam, though, I hope you still got to get some decent studying in.