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Trip Prep Finalization

I'm really getting offline and packing now. Yes, I am. Really. Not. (This was written 3 hours before I posted this post.)

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO sirwingate, my CyberValentine!

I have a final LJ post to write before I pack. And it goes a little something like this:

Bravely bold Sir Newsong rode forth from Saskatoon,
She was not afraid to die, not brave Sir Newsong,
She was not at all afraid of planes crashing anywhere
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Newsong...

Uh, nevermind.

So watching several plane movies lately (Flightplan, Ground Control) has not managed to create fear of the unknown. Though the storm warnings have. Unknown equalling my plane being grounded for 90km/hr winds and snow.

In other news, I bought a fantastic disposable vibrating toothbrush today. It shall serve me well on vacation, and I'll probably continue buying such gadgets.

I just shaved, painted my toenails a lovely shade of Valentine's Day, and am going to bed. My plane leaves mere hours from now. Geez.

Actually my toes look like they've been murdered in a bad 70's horror flick. I'm SO bad at nailpainting it's not even funny. Fixed them. But still... I know how they used to look.

Did I mention that I had a friend who had a male friend living in Halifax she could have set me up with over Valentines? But he's going to Calgary over the break. Drat! Perhaps I'll still land something.

Packing ceases in 30 minutes, circa 2am. Bedtime commences soon after. Sleep achieved shall be minimal.

Yay! Found my orange purse. Some repacking now occurs.

Notice of Hiatus. I will achieve internet connection as often as humanly possible while on vacation. Short notices only most likely. I think with horror on the zillion emails I shall sustain when I come visit my inbox. *shudder*

See you all later with photos and stories and stuff.
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