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Headache Recovery

Last night I was looking forward to a night full of fun and games. I did get some of that, but I also got a nasty headache around 8:45 and ended up being somewhat anti-social and watching a movie about Air Traffic controllers and plane crashes called Ground Control, which was, of course, a very bad movie to be watching a scant couple of weeks before I'll be on 5 different planes.

I ended up sleeping for a few hours downstairs, then Timothy woke me up and I got a ride home at 2am with Melanie. At that point, it kind of felt like I'd been hit by a train and the headache was not only racking the left side of my head, my shoulders and back were starting to ache too.

Notably, I'd been having problems with congestion in that ear, and still have some in there now. Not at all fun and I'm extremely grateful that painkillers and decongestants and some Allegra have brought me back to the functioning world.

So here I am, still a bit muzzy, trying to convince myself that I do in fact have to write an essay today, or at the very least begin writing it.

Here I shall tell you grammarians and English students the joy of The Little, Green Brown Handbook. This is by far the best English guideline book I've ever seen/read/owned. It was expensive, but totally worth it, even if it wasn't a required text for my English class.

I mean, I actually understand the passive voice, and they had the most comprehensive list of transititional words ever, and a proper list of fallacies... It's the English nerd's paradise. I'm quite pleased with it.

In other news, 15 days to Halifax Trip.

Off to write my essay on Edgar.
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