March 14th, 2019


Nifty Thrifty

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I'm, I'm, I'm hunting, looking for a come up

For the first time ever, I managed to go full out thrifting in the good ol' U S of A. Matt's Mom picked us up in her black Cadillac and we headed right over to the first stop on our agenda, Thrift Giant, whose 50% off sale put everything from affordable to amazing deals. We were there for two solid hours, thrifting through the whole store.

I had a delicious mushroom swiss Whataburger and fries (with Sweet Tea) and felt sustained enough to take on our second location, Thrift World.

We spent about $175 US in total at two different stores, and man, the haul is just out of this world. Over 50 items of clothing/accessories/shoes, a couple of other items, and a nice teal-coloured four-wheeled suitcase to bring back with us as checked baggage. I bought a fair number of tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, flip flops, and real black pearl drop earrings in red and blue tones. Paul got dress shirts, casual shirts, casual shorts, and activewear shorts. We got Murphy an adorable little sheep stuffie as a trip souvenir.

It was a bit of a different experience. The first shop was having a 50% off sale, which is why we went today, and they close their change rooms during the sale - and the second place didn't have change rooms at all. Paul was super nervous about not being able to try on pants (way outside his comfort zone to try) and while I was alright with trying things on over my clothes, I hadn't 100% prepared for it, just made sure I brought a full water bottle - that much I know about thrifting days.

The camaraderie of deal seekers was wonderful. We were all commenting on one another's try-ons, making jokes across the aisles, and having an uproariously good time. Matt describes his Mom as "a bit much" but she was a wonderful person to thrift with and I hope she didn't feel like she had to tone herself down around me, I enjoyed her company and am looking forward to celebrating the special day with her and her family.

After our second store, we went to Amy and Matt's place for a quick tour, then headed out to go to Ramen Hakata, where we ate absolutely insanely delicious ramen. We played Settlers, which I hadn't played in ages, and horribly lost at, but had an absolutely fabulous time.

We're staying on a street called "Ramblewood" which is in an area where all the streets end in "wood" and some of the names are great, but Amy is endlessly amused by the fact that the last street before the main drag is called "Firewood." I made a crack about your fire insurance going up to live on that street...

Today was full of laughter and amazing times, and I'm sure it's a day I won't soon forget, no matter what else we get up to in this crazy state.

After we got back, despite being somewhat exhausted, Paul and I tried to plan more of the trip, which unfortunately made me feel a little upset, because the exchange rate makes everything so expensive for us - and some things are just expensive, period. We had hoped to rent some bikes, but bike rentals are ridiculous. We had hoped to go to a shooting range, but it might be prohibitively far and prohibitively expensive and difficult to go to as foreigners... but I think I might have found an alternative. It's all going to be great, we're just too tired for planning tonight I think.

Tomorrow is a little more relaxed of a day - we're planning to go eat at a suggested restaurant about six blocks away for lunch, find a nice warm park to relax in for a few hours, and take in a movie and some more good food in the evening. Friday to Sunday are all filled with wedding-related activities, meeting the families and having amazing home cooked BBQ. After that, I planned nothing for Monday because I assume I'll be exhausted, and then Tuesday to Thursday are touring days for Dallas before we head back home. SO many opportunities. I'm really excited.