November 3rd, 2008

mountains of books

Erranding, and Bookmaking

Okay, so today I got erranding done with a dose of bouncy, happy worship music because I'm in an excellent mood, and then I did a presentation, and then I ran into Philip and chatted with him a bit and gave him a ride home and continued presently with more errands and then worked steadfastly on getting all the cutting and some of the pasting done on the books I'm making for my final show, and then I went over to Printmaking and asked when the project was due and it's apparently due not tomorrow but the following Tuesday which is what I had been pondering, so I came home and played some guitar (I'm getting better, especially after Ken took some time to help me!) and began speedreading Great Expectations which I am (not in this very moment but soon enough to be mentioned as such) still doing.

Eagerly awaiting the blogging of my birthday party, but the swamp has me just at present.

The Mistletoes dance is actually going to be on the 29th of this month, not the 22nd. This means some changes to Dance Team, so I put in my willingness to be an understudy and put in some extra time to learn the dance at this stage if I'm needed to keep a lead in. We shall see if this works out - if it does I will be pleased (except for missing three Wednesday night Bible Studies) and if not I will have more time. Either way, right? I really love the song, though, so if it works out that I can dance it could be bliss.

I am in a good mood today for no apparent reason. Must be that the warm and fuzzy feeling hasn't yet worn off, my Mom has graciously allowed me to use a credit card she had nearly paid off so I could buy the art supplies I need. Not one to take advantage, I immediately went out and bought nearly everything I needed, including the materials for a simple wooden custom shelf I'm doing for friends while I'm already in the sculpture studio. Finally.

Back to GE.

EDIT: I stumbled upon my 2007 Year In Review post and realized I need to start working on 2008 so I can look back at my own writing and think, "Huh. I wrote that."