September 25th, 2007

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Alphas and Omegas

After agonizing days, I managed to talk to my supervisor, who is a really great lady and whom I like a lot. She was very understanding about my need to quit the job. So amazingly understanding that since I came in about 20 minutes early for my shift, she actually let me go for the day, leaving them understaffed, because I really had to get some sculpture work done. The rest of my day consisted of extreme relief, the sun coming out from behind the clouds, errands involving the attempt to find rope that isn't indestructible for a weathered art project. Impossible. Good for farmers, bad for me. Then I had to go work in the wood shop, which I haven't done for awhile so I'd forgotten how to use some of the equipment perfectly. Oops. Nothing too deadly happened, fortunately. Usually I just asked our tech before I had a chance to do something dumb. That's a good plan of attack when it comes to using spinning blades on possible projectiles if you ask me.

Just a word of encouragement for the Sculpture and Photo techs at the U of S. They are both amazingly patient and knowledgeable men. Bravo.

I am SO tired. I had Care Group tonight, where we talked about how we're going to do Care Group this year, and when I came home I also spent time with my family, so it's been a very long day and tomorrow will again be a very long day...

Because it's my first day of Ballroom dancing!! *squee* Back in the groove again.

Bad news of the day: My FM transmitter is cutting out intermittently. I'm going to buy a battery operated one I guess, and I'll try my luck with that. I think since I have parts of TWO transmitters, I'll take them apart and play with them, since neither are any good to me with their current issues, and I like tinkering with such. In the meantime, I shall have to suffer through the radio or find a CD that the system will play.
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Wow. I think I have not yet ever been relieved in so many ways in such a short period of time. It's always very nice to have the weight off one's shoulders. This has been a ton of weight off. Really. It's like losing an elephant. I guess since I mentioned an elephant, I should use my elephantastic icon.

A short list of things I am relieved about...

I believe I have found the best possible solution to my financial and time-limited situation. Serious relief here. I am now officially working for a temp placement agency, and have my first assignment - much easier than an all day marathon - is on Monday - the day after I officially finish at Sears.  In that day I make almost the exact amount of money I required to be able to start voice lessons, if the teacher agrees to my one policy issue - there's no way I can practice for an hour daily - an hour weekly - a dedicated hour, mind you, is all I can spare. My art project that I glued together last night has stayed together, feels strong, and is not terribly ugly. This is awesome and means a little less work for me. In still more good news, Michael Buble is coming to Saskatoon in January. I think I can afford a good seat for myself, or two crappy seats for me and my Grandma, who also likes Jazz... We shall see!

To Do List:

- Scan photographs/sheet of negatives so people can see some art from this year and vote on any they'd like printed if I owe them one from Blogathon. I have three lovely prints already!
- Go to Ballroom tonight.
- Sleep, eventually.
- Buy ticket(s) for MB on Friday.
- Buy a battery operated FM transmitter because the iRiver(s) suck(s). =(
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