October 27th, 2005

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Life as an Artist

I'm tired of everything.

In actuality, life isn't going so bad as I might make it sound here. My last two marks in Photography were 80% and 83% for example.

However I'm normally too tired or sick to enjoy any of these things this time of year. October sucks.

I had some interesting adventures in Photographerland yesterday which involved almost blacking out in the film prep room (a locked dark room that isn't supposed to be disturbed. Yeah.) and finding out I lost a film because I escaped too quickly without much brainpower left to put all my film away. The film I lost happened to be the least precious of all the ones I took, so thankfully I don't have to worry about that. I got lots of work done and very little sleep. Then as I was developing the second set of film rolls, someone told me that my rolls that were drying were covered in crusty white stuff. I was not amused, and had to ask a friend to take over my darkroom stuff so I wouldn't lose my film. Thankfully the crusty stuff washed off in water okay and my films were fine. Then I made the decision to check my fixative chemical, and it was bad - now this was straight from the "good fix" bottle. The entire bottle of ready-to-use fix was bad. And I couldn't find mixing instructions anywhere until I consulted the Paper Fix bottle, which gave 1:4 dilution instructions on the bottle, while paper is 1:9. All this while I'm trying to agitate the film that's already in developer every 30 seconds. *roar of discontent*

I have books overdue, I'm supposed to draw a loaf of bread for drawing class tomorrow, I've got an in-class essay to write, I haven't photocopied my notes in days and I should probably tell them I can't and in some cases don't even have notes. I was supposed to get together a worship team but the two people I roused up couldn't come. I have money I need to pay someone with in my purse, but I can't eat anymore because it's the end of the month - my honesty is starving me.

Altogether, at the moment life is really, really shitty. And I have some good pictures. *sarcastic snort*
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Well I just went to a worship night at the church that consisted of 5 people. All of us helped put it on, and all of us felt refreshed and laid back and just plain good after we left.

Including me. Some of the stuff was just what I needed.

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