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Poetry and Hiatus Notification

Ladies and Gents, this may or may not be a hiatus notification... I won't have internet access at home because I don't have wireless at home, and my lappy won't take anything over 56k via current modem. Therefore, if I want to talk to anyone it shall be by phone or by the internet I get while at School for stuff or at work for stuff.

I'll make more of an effort to post frequently when the new compy arrives. I'd include internet access at work in this equation, but frankly I only get a week to do a week and a half of work, and though this is fully within my powers, slacking during those hours to talk to LJ friends just isn't.

In other words, HIATUS. I won't be posting every day most likely. Deal.

If you have plans with me, make use of my phone and cell phone.

Today in a nutshell: ButcherDentist trip. I've not seen so much of my own blood since... The last major dental event, I guess. Maybe I was just not conscious of it so much as today because of the sheer painfullness of the cleaning. Apparently my nasty habit of mouthbreathing and drooling all my saliva away at night is contributing to my problem. *sigh* Bus Ride there was poetic:

The sky is viewed through rose-tinted lenses
Fire floats between the unseen and the end of the world
The highway flies beneath the bus, unseen and frozen

Like my toes on the pavement waiting, later
Inside the scant protection of leather
They glow ruby red like the sky in the morning.


Finito. Much TV was consumed today on a slacker's diet of couches and potatoes and fusion of the two. In fact, that's really all that happened today.

Poor lappy is about to run out of batteries... So I'll see ya'll later. There will likely be a tomorrow update since I'll need the internets for sending my prof the email with the silly outline-a-majig.

Adios, amigos. Plans to watch Alexander tonight will likely be acted upon. And I want to see A Snoodle's Tale again. Movie night!!
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