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I quit.

No, really.

I quit. I don't give a rats ass what mark I get on that Art History final. My other marks will buffer it if I get anything over 70 and I know I can do that without one thing to hand in. Not one.

Apparently there's some kind of development in terms of the Department head and the prof is going to talk about it tonight. Unfortunately Keith Bell, said D.H., won't answer my phonecalls, so I can't get any info. I emailed some of the other folks in the class to no avail.

Having just written an essay test that went quite well, I'm going to sit back and study for the long haul in the next couple of weeks, get a job going at the Lung Association again for at least a week, maybe a little bit more, i.e. $300 or so.

I quit trying on this one. It's so unreasonable it's just driving me insane. Forget outlines and shit. I'm just going to go in and write the final because that's something I can do. Now, if she gives me a week to write the outline, there's a development I can live with. Or if she gives us only 5 questions, also a development I can live with. I think I'll just print out the questions I've chosen with a little expansion by moi and that's all I'll have, probably all I'll need.
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