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Yet another update from the faithful and overworked.

Tonight I went out with my photography friends and experimented with my new, cool digital camera. It's wonderful. I also wrapped a gift for the first time in ages, even though I owe several people gifts.

This was a gift exchange gift, so the wrapping is extra important of course.

Tomorrow is the day when I have the BEST DECORATED CHRISTMAS PARTY OF ALL TIME (TM). I, of course, will be decorating my butt off tomorrow. I need to buy a bag of ice of some store for one thing, and for another, I should try freezing some overnight. *goes off for a bit*

Now that I am thoroughly cold and I have water sitting outside to freeze, I shall relate other small daily events. My phototograpy final portfolio is not bad at all. There were very few negative comments, and very few problems. Frances thought I should have included a different photogram, so I substituted. Also, I posted a stack panoramic of Starbucks on Broadway that I had tried and tried to get to work and it just wouldn't, but I figured it would be good to have it up - last minute descision. Hopefully that gives me extra marks.

Tomorrow is the dreaded confrontation about the Art History prof's final. Hopefully we'll get a reprieve, but you know how it is. And as I said before, Saturday I have a choral rehearsal for the Jubilation Singers reunion and Sunday I get to be Santa and miss a membership class. I guess it can't be helped really.

In other news, apparently my job with the Lung Association is unofficially officially on. Woot! Probably about $300 worth of job there. Textbooks, and a little bit of christmas shopping. I've never done any official "Christmas Shopping". Ever. This is totally the year that I set aside $80-100 for gifts. Because I should always be doing that. Look forward to special gifts, ya'll.

Oh, and this is my Christmas Card post. I think most of you missed it, so All Call for Cards #2:

Really, I do want to send them to you!
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