newsong (newsong) wrote,

My New Best Friend

Well the inordinately large amount of time I spend in the student lounge finally paid off. I watched a movie on the Big Screen TV with some of the STM Regulars, mostly members of the STM Executive (which I'll probably join if at any point I don't make it onto an IVCF Executive...) and then they decided to play Scene It - it's one of those Movie Trivia games, but one that you can suck at and still have fun. I found out some people's names that I talk to routinely, and when the one girl, Amber, started counting down the numbers on the screen, I totally knew she was going to end up with, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" so I did it with her. After which I became her new best friend. All's well in the world of STM, and as I hoped, since I've hung around there long enough I'm starting to make connections with some of the people. And it's still a great place to be. It suits me, I enjoy it, it's social and has an aspect of the solitary to it as well.

I ran into Nigel a few minutes ago and we had a conversation about going from Homeschooling to High School to University and how well prepared it made us for university.

Anyway, I should go kick the people out of the IVCF room so I can start setup.

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