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Semi-stolen from lady_alatar

1. Google image search the following.
2. Use the first (or first you like or isn't HUGE) picture that comes up.
3. Post the word(s) used in the search.

1. Age on next birthday (21)

2. Where you live (Saskatoon)

3. Fave color (Orange)

4. Place where I want to get married (a Cathedral)

Oooh, it's in Milano. *happy thought*

5. First Love (Bumble bee) Now that's a long story from age 5.

6. Fave fruit (Nectarines)

7. Fave vegetable (Tomato)

8. Last name of fave actor (Firth)
That one's huge. Go lookie :)

9. Name of a pet (Carlos)
That would be an awesome pet. *wink*

10. Fave song (Sunday Morning)

11. Middle name (Marie)
Also huge. Bodybuilding Lady. Not too gross.


12. Favourite beverage (Iced Tea)

13. Favourite toy as a child (Lego)

14. Favourite Disney Movie (Beauty and the Beast)

15. What do you like to collect? (Nutcrackers)

Tagging everyone! If you don't want to do it, no pressure.
Tags: meme

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