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My Birthday Party!!

This is an open invite to my 20th Birthday Celebration to all you in Toon Town!! See the FAQ for details!!

Saturday, November 5th

2pm at Calories on Broadway for Desserts (Cost: $5-8...)
This place is a great place for desserts, so if you feel like coming out for some good conversation and sugar, this is the place.

7pm at Ricki's Restaraunt on Idylwyld (Cost: Depends what you get and how much you share... Circa $2-15)
This is the main party. We'll be eating and making merry, so come out with me and help me have the best birthday ever!!

9:30pm at Pacific Theatres - the Legend of Zorro! (Cost: Approx. $10, we might get group rates?)
Meet us in the lobby at 9:15 if you're just coming to this one! It's bound to be a great movie, so come have some fun with us!


FAQ: Should I bring you a gift?
A: Since your presence is required, gifts certainly are not required or requested because you probably need some money just to have a good time. If you really must buy me something (and I know there's some of you out there that would anyway even if I begged you not to), there's a fairly comprehensive list of stuff I need/want/desire HERE: , and you can pick something of your price range if you don't already have an idea what to get me.

FAQ: Why are there so many parts of your birthday party? Which one(s) should I go to?
A: Because some people like/hate movies, some people like/hate small coffee gatherings and large noisy meals, some people work odd hours, and my birthday is a time of year where I like to see everyone I know, grow friendships, and enjoy my life. It's also starting to become tradition whenever I make a big deal of it.

If you want to come to all three, just come for a drink in the afternoon, some foodsharing at Rickis, and then you'll only end up with about a $15 ticket to come to everything... Also, if you decide to come to all three because you like me that much, I just might subsidize some things for you - as it is the Hobbit tradition to give gifts on their birthdays...

You are all welcome to come to all three, pick two out of three, or pick your favourite options, but if you need the choice made for you and only want to come for one, go for Rickis at 7.

FAQ: What if I'm incredibly poor right now? (eg. eating crackers, living in the U of S library, that sort of thing...)
A: Talk to me and I'll try to set you up so you can have a better day.

FAQ: Which party will most of the ___(IVCF/Quizzers etc.)_____ be at? What does "Open Invite" mean?
A: Oh come on, make some new friends! But if you must know, ask me on Friday.

What I mean by Open Invite is that if you know anyone that I have not yet emailed about this party that I know (and there are quite a few people that I want to come that aren't on this email list) please tell them about this and give them my email address. In fact, if you know someone cool that you think I'd like that you want me to meet, bring them too.

FAQ: I can't come or don't like any of these party ideas...
A: Suggest something to do with me, or we'll go for coffee sometime.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP ASAP for me by email for whatever you're planning to attend or if you can't make it to anything let me know. It's only fair to the restaraunts/movie theatres to know how many crazy people are invading. Also, I do like to get email... =D
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