Nothing is ruined.


Man, do I have an Internet Bumper Sticker for today. *points*

Worst morning in recent history!!!

Slept through, or rather, sleepingly turned off my alarm.

I was supposed to get some art supplies to Ricki via our shared locker, but I had the wrong locker number in Art.

Missed a coffee appointment because of said issue. I have another coffee appointment later today, and I'm broke, so I guess it will just be a talking appointment. And against my better judgement I stayed up late last night. Of course, I got lots of sleep by ignoring my alarm.

I seriously need three alarms. Not even kidding.

And now my heart is going a mile a minute, because I spent the entire morning in a panic.

And my Auntie Geen is mad at me because I asked for a ride.

But Ricki gave me a hug right when I needed it. So life isn't so bad after all.
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See! I kept my promise! ^_^

And it was a good thing you got more sleep, because I didn't need it until right when you showed up. It was perfect timing!