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Wisdom for Everyone

There was a post in the PostSecret community that asked people to share their wisdom.

I realized that I have a lot to share. I posted some anonymously there. So here goes with the expanded version.

Don't wait until funerals to tell people how you felt about them. I didn't, and I thank God for having said how I felt long before anything happened. Go tell people how you feel about them TODAY. Tomorrow might be too late and you'll always regret what you didn't say.

Appreciate the time you spend with people. Spend more of your time complementing people and blessing them then insulting them, even if it is in fun.

Don't go to a wedding when you know those two people won't work out. Of course, you have to be absolutely sure, but if you are absolutely sure, do it even if it breaks their heart. Because going is approval. And some people should not be marrying each other.

Listen to your friends if they all hate the person you are dating. They might be right.

Don't be afraid of descisions about the far stretching future that you make in a heartbeat. If you know in your heart that something is right, it probably is. If you know something's wrong, make that thought count, too.

Never miss a chance to go for coffee with a friend alone just to talk. Some of the world's deepest secrets have been revealed over steaming hot cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate between two friends. And you never know if it will be your last time.

If you ever see a stranger who looks like they need a hug, ask them if they do. They might treasure it forever.

Never miss a good chance to shut up and listen to someone else's rants. North Americans don't know how to listen. Learn to listen and you have the beginning of wisdom.

There's nothing more annoying than people that have to one-up your every sorrow and hurt. DON'T DO THAT.

If you or your friends have a camera, get photos of yourself with everyone you know. Make sure they aren't blurry. You never know when you'll be wishing for that one picture you didn't take.

Use the time when you're bored to go out and do something for someone. Be your own "Good Deed Every Day" club. One day someone will come to you out of the blue and thank you for something you did in their life.

Open doors for people. It happens so infrequently nowadays it surprises them.

Realize that sometimes the bad factor of the relationship is you.

Do what you want to do. Money and happiness rarely if ever come in the same package unless your joy in money is giving it away. Don't become a doctor or a lawyer if you want to be an artist or a musician or a theologian. You'll always regret the time you wasted.

Try to see life from your enemy's perspective. Some people are bad from the core, and other people are striking out against a world that's treated them badly. Learn to tell the difference and it will change your attitude about life.

"Life is short, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it." Ferris is right. If you are a vibrant and intense human being, be Ferris for someone you know.

In the Bible, there's an untranslated word that accompanies many of the songs, "Selah." It means, "Stop and think about that." So when you see anything that makes you want to Selah, do it. The ocean, the mountains, the stars, the sunsets... Stop and think about it.

Never dismiss someone because of their age. I've met people of great wisdom of every age, from 5 year olds (Kids say the darndest things, and sometimes they're right) to teens to 40-something parents to 70 year olds with stories and advice that should be listened to. Everyone has something to offer.

Whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on what's in it. Make sure your glass has something sweet and refreshing in it for other people.

Our neighbor mows our lawn for us. Neither of us ever mention it. If the grass is always greener on your side of the fence, help someone else with theirs.

Only keep secrets if you should be keeping them. And if you should be keeping them, never ever tell. Some secrets should never be kept because they'll rot people's souls. Some secrets should never be told because they'll cause havoc everywhere. Gossip kills you inside, whether it's about you or you're telling it, it's as murderous as poison.

Don't judge someone by their family members. A lot of times there's only one good egg.

Give money away randomly to people who need it. Bus fare, the change to buy a drink or enough to buy a toy for someone. When I was a child I was trying to buy a toy and I was short 50 cents. I will never forget the man who budged in the line and dug out two quarters for me. Never. And I'll never forget some of the people I've helped. It's a never ending circle and you need to help make sure it never ends. Help others and people will come around to help you. It's a law of the universe that's far better than Murphy's.

I'm not a pushy person, but get to know Jesus personally. Not the Jesus of religion and mediocrity, the one who wants more than anything to be your closest friend. He just wants to hold you and let you know that everything is all right. Without him there's only regret and despair. With him everything is hope. Prayer is a conversation, not an eloquent speech to the air. If God is truly full of wisdom, why are you talking? Listen to him and he'll speak to you.

It may not seem like it, but you can control your loves and crushes. Don't victimize someone by dragging them down with a one-way relationship. It hurts you both.

If you actually listen to your friends, you can always get them good gifts.

Try to experience all your senses. Smell, taste, touch, and hearing are very special. Close your eyes and experience them.

If someone you know is crying alone, hold them and cry with them.

Goof off and pester people, but know someone's limit. Sarcasm hurts when you use too much of it.

"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." It's never worth it to be politically correct out of fear.

Sometimes being right will lose you friends. Sometimes you need to tell them the truth anyway. Even if you know you'll lose them.

Some descisions you'd regret either way. So stalling over them won't help you. Some descisons you need to think about for a long time.

Some descisions are made to be broken, and some should be made quickly.

Never decide on something just to spite someone.

Tell people how much you appreciate them. I appreciate all of you LiveJournallers very much.

EDIT: These are the links to my original comments.
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