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You were so worth it.

"...He truly was my once in a lifetime love. I remember when a girlfriend of mine lost her husband, and I said, 'You know, if I knew Dwayne was going to die when he was young, I wonder if I would have done things differently, like would I even have made the choice to marry him, or would I maybe have said, 'That's not such a good choice.' and here I am, a widow with two young kids. And as Dwayne became ill, and things were not looking good and we knew that the chances were slim that he was going to survive, It struck me very closely, 'Dwayne, you were so worth it.' You were so worth it."

Janet Harms - (Transcribed from video of Thursday night's memorial service)

As I walked by the casket to pay my respects yesterday, I knew what I was going to say.

Dwayne, you were so worth it. I'll see you again soon.

I may not have known him for very long, but it was worth every minute. And someday I'll get to see him again.

I'm going to the actual funeral today. I may have to take a cab, because I don't have a ride out there, but I'm going to go to the service anyway. I'm not even sure of where the actual internment is happening, so I'm just going to go to the funeral service.

He was so worth knowing. I wish all of you could have met him.
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