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Dukes of Hazzard

Who would've known that a show based entirely on cars and pretty women would catch on so well with women?

Cut for large photographs and movie review.

There's this creek that some people go up on without a paddle. You could say that the Duke boys were up this creek right now...

For starters, there's a billion reasons why this movie easily makes my top 20 movies of all time. Here, let me name a few of them.

01. The movie was better than the series flicks. And the series flicks are GOOD.
2. Freeze frames with narration. 'Nuff said.
3. "The ROAD. Look at the ROAD!"
4. Car. Flying. For this one I need some photos.
Image hosted by


Image hosted by

5. BO WAS HOT. Also need a photo:
Image hosted by

6. Redneck jokes. I live in Saskatchewan after all.
7. The modernization!!!
8. "Luke! You man whore!!"
9. I've always wanted an orange '69 Charger. If I ever win a million you better believe I'm buying one.
10. The grin I had plastered all over my face after having such a sad day.

Also, I had a good coffee with my friend Chad. Who is soon leaving. I'll miss him, but that's what the internet is for!

Tonight I have plans with the family for going out for chinese food and mini golfing. *smile*

It's a pretty mixed up summer.
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