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Other news to the max

Hey everyone. If I'm not on LJ much lately, it's because I'm on Ebay, researching mystery auctions and planning my own. Those of you who know me well probably know that this is going to be a pretty special endeavor.

In fact, I'm planning not one but THREE Ebay mystery auctions. And until I post them, most of the info about them will likely remain a mystery.

In other news, I found a great skirt and a two-piece bathing suit at Zellers today and put it away until my forthcoming Friday cheque.

In other other news, I'm starting to really love Ebay...

In other^3 news, my boss is gone for a week. And when he's back I plan to surprise him with excellent quality work.

In other^4 news, I'm still dithering on my major.

In other^5 news, stay tuned for a poll where you can decide my major for me. No, really. I might actually stoop that low.

In other^6 news, I wish Semagic would hurry up and develop a tags option and mood viewer.

In other^7 news, I got a really nice phone cover for my phone in the mail from you-know-where. REALLY nice. My feedback score is three!

In other^8 news, I'm considering buying a djembe. Anyone know of someone who'd like to get rid of one?

In other^9 news, Mom bought me an electric shaver. YAY!

In other^10 news, people keep joining iconnery. I'm glad, and need to make some icons for them.

In other^11 news, Nestea is awesome.

In other^12 news, I've been craving lemons all the time. Weird.

In other^13 news, my coworkers involved in the camp have stuffed my office with all manner of cardboard. I sincerely doubt I'm going to have the ability to walk to my desk tomorrow. Ah, well.

In other^14 news, random posts like this are great.

In other^15 news, I talked to Matt (Hot or Not from Alberta) again today. We have good conversations. And like each other more every time we talk.

In other^16 news, It was blasted hot today.

In other^17 news, I'm eagerly awaiting packages from Ebay. Some of these include gemstones, a laptop, and a USB Flash Drive. The last of which I have to pay for like NOW without PayPal. Grumble grumble.

In other^18 news, our backyard is super-awesome. I have to take some pics.

In other^19 news, tomorrow @ Jeremy's house is a games night! I wonder if Texas Hold 'Em is going to be availible?

And finally In other^20 news, I haven't made any new icons today. I need to shape up and get off Ebay for at least 5 minutes a day.
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