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Quick Update from Work

Just a quick update from work to say hello and tell a sad story.

Me: *making a program map of a badly designed government thing* Dum de dum dum dum.... *clicks a button in the program*
Computer: *rattles loudly for 15 seconds*
Me: Aww rats.
Computer: *shuts down*
Me: Uh oh. *restarts*
Computer: *in DOS* Please insert your setup disk.
Me: OH CRAP. *runs to find resident computer geek* My computer's fried.
RCG: Like it's smoking??
Me: Not quite that bad... But almost.

Some of my files were gone - but funny thing, only the ones I needed. The one I'd downloaded for the net - a Flash Jeopardy creator - was still there. Minus the entire game of Tobacco Facts Jeopardy I'd spent this morning on. Stupid, stupid thing. Argh.

But guess what - we have a network server, and all the images were saved there. And I had (Thank God) made a PowerPoint speech to go with it. Then I printed it out. File gone, paper on my desk. It's got everything I said in the slideshow. I went and made a list of what was on each slide, which backgrounds and fonts I used, and even which animations when I remembered. So tomorrow my task is to spend another three hours doing it all again. Faster the second time around, I guess.

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